Friday, June 16, 2017

Hawaii 2017

We went to a Hawaii over spring break and I never even posted the pictures! Worst blogger ever. This year we went to Oahu again, and I swear every year I love it more and more. Just don't tell Ry that, because I don't think I could live there permanently...

The Dole Plantation is always one of my favorite places to visit. It's very touristy, but I'm a tourist so it's okay! There are pineapples everywhere (which is probably why I love it so much) and the pineapple ice cream is the best ice cream ever. This year was the first year I spotted the giant pineapple above, but I will probably have to visit it every time I go now. 

This year our hotel also offered poolside drinks made IN A PINEAPPLE. The smoothie in here was ten times better because of the cup. Fact. 

I'm not a big souvenir fan, but I always find cute things shopping in Hawaii that I never see at home. Probably just a coincidence, but oh whale! I snagged these lace accented shorts for $9 at a Ross in Waikiki and found this super adorable beach hat as well for $10 or so. I think those are the only things I bought the whole trip... other than coffee. ;) 

Another favorite of ours is the Diamond Head hike. The first time I did this hike was with Ry, and I got sunburnt! That part wasn't fun, but I really enjoyed it. So, the next year I brought my family too and my dad was super pumped that he made it to the top (including these awful stairs) just a few months after his stroke recovery. This year we went a third time, and it felt easier! So that's good for us! Especially considering this is probably the biggest workout Ive done... all year. Whoops..

There are so many awesome things to do in Hawaii. We ate at amazing restaurants, got acas bowls and coffee from everywhere, and just roamed shops and beaches for days. So so fun.

Have you been to Hawaii? What're your favorite things to do? Any favorites from other islands?

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