Saturday, March 4, 2017

Life Lately

My kiddos bring the sweetest gifts. This flower was bigger than my hand and a little kiddo from my class brought it to me from her garden (and said she'd bring me more if I wanted them) Seriously one of the prettiest flowers I've ever seen. Does anyone know the name of this?!

I've decided it's just never going to stop snowing ever. This is the new normal. On a slightly more positive note, I'm so thankful for the people I work with and my administration. This week my principal called me (and everyone else on staff who had a long drive) to warn us about the road conditions and of an accident that had occurred due to ice. I love these people. 

Ry and I took some time this past weekend to browse around Salem, including going to Word of Mouth. We went shopping during our two hour wait for our table! Which was still so worth it. If I could eat cinnamon roll pancakes every day of my life, I'd be a happy lady. 

Mattie got me this pineapple necklace during our Valentines Day swap and I love it to bits! It's the only part of packing for Hawaii I've already planned and I've worn it so many times already. My kiddos love it :) 

I've been participating in healthy challenge groups for work, and I've actually started running semi-occasionally again! Getting sick threw a wrench in the routine, but yesterday I ran a mile and a half and didn't die, so there's that. 

How's life lately?

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