Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Things I Actually Bought.. January Edition

I was looking back and realized I bought a lot of things I loved in January! Below are some of my faves, a quick review of each thing, and all that jazz.

I finally ordered my first thing from LuLaRoe and I'm so so excited about it. I feel like being an elementary teacher I have the freedom to wear some crazy things, and Christmas/Valentines Day leggings are my new fave deal! I, of course, opted toward a Burgundy color. I'm still at a loss for which color shirt would look best with these though. Black? Light pink? White? 

I bought this dress from Nordstrom Rack - $26.97 in white to wear during spring break, but I"m not sure how I feel about it yet. The back has a lace-up detail that is super cool, but I just really feel like white dresses are hard to wear, ya know? We'll see. I've also thought about wearing this with a cardigan and a necklace for Valentines Day... thoughts?

I have sandals similar to this except with some glitter, sad thing is I've worn them so much that for whatever reason this little metal deal has decided to poke out of the bottom. That's all fine and dandy, you can't see it, the rest of the shoe still looks great... until you walk and a rock gets stuck in the metal thing and you almost fall to the ground with twenty-nine first and second graders in tow... not that I would know or anything. 

Thus, I decided the old shoes had to go and I needed to get some new ones - in steps (haha, good joke there) these things. I found these at Nordstrom Rack - $34.97 and they're real leather. Even cooler! Also, as of right now - no metal thing to trip me up. Definite 'pro'.

Guys. This thing is my most favorite purchase of the whole entire year. I mean it. I love the idea of using exercise balls as seats for kids, they get to wiggle but still stay in one spot -it's a win win! BUT exercise balls roll all over the place all the time and don't stay in one spot. UNTIL - in steps this bad boy. Those weird little udder/rocketship/stand deals on the bottom keep this thing in one spot. That means when little Bobberton Jones (obvs. not a real student...) walks away from the wobble chair it stays where it was left. I only bought one (so far) from Amazon - $19.98 But I swear I'll get more. Maybe next year all of my chairs will just be these. Who knows!

I caught this cardigan from Target for like $10 on clearance, now it's even cheaper but literally zero of the colors are available anywhere except in store, which is too bad because I would've gone back to buy all of them. If by some miracle these are in a store near you, grab them all and run toward the cashier asap. They're long, comfy, and from Target. Could it get any better? Only complaint I have is that I'm usually a small and while the length is great in this, the arms are a little tight when you wear any shirt with some thickness itself. Next time I'd get a medium I think. Not that there will be a next time since they're disappearing... 

I don't know why this is $45 now because I ordered it a while back from Amazon for $20, and still haven't seen it... Anyways, I ordered this so that I could diffuse essential oils. I've been looking into it for a while, many people near me do so for various reasons, and I thought it would be something cool to look into. My mom advised me to get an 'ultrasonic' diffuser. I only slightly understand what that means, but figured that since this little thing wasn't too expensive that even if I hate it I won't be too sad. Maybe I'll update when it actually gets here from the North Pole or wherever it is. 
Update: It arrived! But I'm not sure if I just received the original or the replacement they were shipping me because mine was lost in the mail... oh whale.

A bunch of raincoats were donated to my classroom and I realized that we were already at max personal belongings capacity - some of my kiddos don't even have hooks to hang their own things because there literally isn't any room for hooks! So I bought this from Amazon for $20 or so and put it in the back room of my classroom. It's worked out great so far and was SO easy to install. Literally zero tools required and I did it by myself. 

What've you purchased this month?

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