Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Teacher Outfits Lately - 1

I'm just finally getting into a routine and starting to feel put together again. When I was beginning teaching (ha, like it was so long ago...) I felt rushed every morning and like I wasn't really thinking about what I was wearing. When I was coaching was even worse since I had less time for every area of life, and choosing an outfit wasn't at the top of my to-do list. 

So now, it's a little better. I hope. 

I'm not a huge 'hand/wrist' accessorize, but when I do it's always this Citizen watch from my brother from last year, the ring my gram gave me when I turned sixteen, and either this wave ring or a 'fake diamond/pearl combo' ring I got from American Eagle like three years ago. My accessory game needs an upgrade...

Clothes though. For real.
Shirt - Loft - very old (similar style)
Scarf -  Nordstrom - not available (similar style)
Jeans - Loft (similar)
Boots - Born  - LOVE THESE

Shirt - UOI Boutique - not available
Scarf - gift from a long time ago
Jeans - Loft (similar)
Boots - Ugg 

Shirt - Old Navy (last year)
Scarf - local boutique
Jeans - (similar)
Boots - Sam Edelman

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