Monday, February 6, 2017

Spring Break Outfit Inspo

I swear, snow is in the weather forecast again but my mind is already on spring break. We booked our tickets to go to Hawaii again (which is still so weird since growing up we never took a vacation-except Disneyland once). I've been thinking about outfit ideas since we booked, which is something I haven't really thought about until a few days before, before.

Not so much the necklace (I'm a simple girl) but I love the pattern and colors of the shorts with the white. 

I swear, all of the cute floral/tropical print things have jumped ship. Don't stores know I need them now? In January? Not the summer like a normal person. 

I have a black cardigan romper (Seriously, cardigan...?) that I could dress up. I (bought) and wore it last year when we went, and with new shoes and a necklace it could be super cute. 

Love the colors and the cut. Just need to find it somewhere. 

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