Tuesday, February 7, 2017


A few weeks back a sweet co-worker of mine started talking to me about these healthy challenge groups she does. I wasn't super excited about it in the beginning because helloooo this girl hasn't done anything physically active since 2012. But, somehow I signed up and was assigned to a team. It was a great choice!

Every day each person can receive five points, plus extra credit, for posting in the group about a workout, healthy choice, if you've reached your water intake for the day, something you love, and a meme. It's been super fun to hear about other people's choices/lives and really holds ya accountable! The team with the most points wins a prize, and of course Janell and I are on the same team.

I was doing really great with the first three days until I got hit with this nasty flu/cold/illnessthatjustplainstinksalot on Friday. It feels super strange to be posting about health while I'm currently in bed with the flu, but ya know- life is weird sometimes. Hopefully I'll be back at it again soon and can earn some points to win this thing!

Any fun workouts to suggest for 'post sickness'?

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