Saturday, February 25, 2017

Galentines Swap!

Apparently I'm super forgetful lately because on top of just feeling generally behind, I forgot to link up for Mattie's swap. This is even more ridiculous because Mattie was the person who sent me my swap gift. Like how does that even happen? I'm the worst. 

However, as expected Mattie's gifts were FAR from being the worst of course. I've been wanting more games for my classroom and a pineapple necklace forever, and now I have both! I haven't checked out the game with the kids yet but I plan to soon! The necklace was definitely something I wore a few times this week. It's so small and cute! 

She also sent me an Essie polish (LadyLike) Essie is my go to. I was super pumped about this because I'd just received a gel type top coat from my ipsy bag and wanted to try it out. Love. 

Mattie sent my gift using gift shipping, which is normally something I wouldn't mention (because who really cares about that small detail) But guys. Amazon must've made a mistake or something because not only did I receive like 57 gift notes from Mattie telling me that she was my swap partner, I also received a gift note from someone's grandma hoping they enjoyed the fairy figurine she was sending. 

So, random person, your grandma meant to send a note. Really. She did. 

Overall, a great swap! Even if I can remember to link up! :) 

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