Monday, January 23, 2017

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men

| Ray Bans - $140  | Nike Janoskis - $110 | The North Face TriClimate Jacket -$290 |
| Hydroflask -$40 | Dollar Shave Club - $5-9/mo | Nixon Watch - $100 |
| Smoke Ash Candle - $75 | PowerBeats -$199 | Projector - $60 |

Disclaimer: I am a firm believer in the 'one big gift, several small gift' philosophy so please keep in mind that while I would gift something from above I would also include other smaller personal things. Think stocking stuffers, but don't give someone a stocking for Valentines Day. That'd probably be weird. A few small gift ideas are listed at the bottom of this post for inspiration!

Now that it's officially February that means we can talk about Valentines Day! 
I had this post scheduled to go live on February 1st, but then realized that the people of the world who are browsing for gift ideas will not be doing so with only thirteen days until Valentines Day, so I bumped it up a little. Sorry if this gives you pre-Valentine stress! :) 

We always do something fun together for Valentines Day, but we also choose to exchange gifts. I am a fan of every gift giving holiday, so why wouldn't we?! I love hanging out with people and listening for things they express interest in or seeing things they're eyeing in stores and then being able to get that for them. I love buying cute wrapping paper and pretty ribbon. I love giving gift wayyyy more than receiving gifts. Gifts are my jam. So why would Valentines Day be any different? 

Some of these are gifts that I have already given Ry in the past, on Valentines Day or another holiday, but would gladly give a similar style, or buy for my brother/dad/etc. I may or may not have purchased one of these as gifts for this year, but just incase he's browsing the blog I can't reveal that! Why ruin the surprise? 
Smaller ideas:
Chocolate or other fave candies
Movie tickets/movies
Framed Photos
Hand sanitizers 
Gift cards to fave places
& always a card or note!

What're you gifting/doing for Valentine's Day this year? 

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