Saturday, January 7, 2017

sNOw. WAY.

I think you'd only have to be here for about thirty seconds to know that I'm a nut about snowy weather. I've been analyzing the weather report like the finest weatherperson in the nation this past month and have celebrated every snow flurry that has graced God's green snow-covered Earth. 

Until today.

Ya see, today Ry is supposed to be flying into the airport after being in Hawaii for a month. But, today the PNW has been hit with its third snowpocoypse this month. Third. Three different times. So if you need me, I'll be pouting and waiting for this stuff to melt away, or at least pause and resume when he's a part of the continental US again. 

If all of you people out there doing your snow dance could hold off for a few, I'd appreciate it greatly. And would probably repay you in chocolate. 

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