Monday, January 30, 2017

Smash Book Inspiration

Can you believe Valentines Day is only fifteen days away?! These holidays just keep sneaking up on me, I swear! I love holidays with my whole heart, and Valentines Day is such a fun one- whether you're in a relationship or not! One of my most favorite things we've done in our relationship is keep a SmashBook. I've posted about my SmashBook here and here and that first post especially has been one of the most popular posts on the blog. 

To summarize Smash Books, they're basically notebooks following themes (the one I use is technically a wedding-themed book) All of the pages are pre-designed to compliment each other. Some are simple patterns, some have pre-assigned purposes, for example this book has a page dedicated to 'saving the date'. Either way, they're all cute and if a page doesn't work for your idea - just rip it out or cover it with something! It's really the simplest thing I've ever done! 

The best thing about Smash books is that it's not supposed to be well-laid out and beautiful like a scrapbook feels it should be. Your goal is to stuff as many things in those pages as possible, and after a while it gets addicting! This is one of the first pages I did - pictures of Ry and I hanging out in the beginning of our relationship. I doodled notes in the margins and pasted photos down. Easy as pie!

We also have an adventure list (a couples bucket list if you will) and have used the Smash book to document a lot of those things! This page is dedicated to a hike we went on in Honolulu when I went to Hawaii with my family and Ry for spring break a few months after we started dating. 

Something I've seen other smash bookers do is include ticket stubs/receipts from places they went. This must've been right after I saw that idea because when we went on a hike I took a photo of the map and saved the parking stub for posterity! In a normal scrapbook I feel like these things would be irrelevant, but in our smash book I feel like it helps save little moments from those days and the simplicity of the outing. Still one of our favorite days! 

As the smash book progressed I started including more things- different photo sizes to mix things up, black and white photos, Polaroids from the Instax Mini Ry got me for graduation (seriously so fun!) and even a postcard! The possibilities are endless! 

Our SmashBook is full of memories, literally all of the pages are now stuffed with two years of relationship milestones and we're looking into starting a second. I love being able to flip through our memories and see how we've changed, both individually and together over the days, months, and years. It's a fun things and really doesn't take as much thought, time, or effort as I'd assumed.

If you have questions or want to see more idea pages, let me know. This thing is my favorite possession to talk about! 

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