Monday, January 9, 2017

Currently: January 2017 Edition

I feel like I could sum up my 2017 so far by just saying I've been freezing to death and everyone in the PNW would nod in agreement (if they weren't too cold to do so). But, I figured I should dig a bit deeper than that and actually share some stuff that's been on ma' mind. So here goes!

Currently I Am...


I feel like this is more correctly labeled "wishing I was watching" since most of my shows are off season right now (but coming back so so soon!) Lately I've been straight up obsessed with both the usual shows and some new ones. Personal faves include Young & Hungry, Switched at Birth, Heartland (Canadian), Jane the Virgin and most recently This is Us. If you're not familiar with any of these I've attached short one-sentence blurbs below. I don't remember when episodes resume again but for all of these it's at least another week of wait and I'm frustrated. Snow days and no new shows = :(
Young & Hungry - Young chef (Emily Osment) who is on-again off-again in love with her boss, Josh. Lives with her crazy best friend, Sofia. It's light, easy, and silly. Plus Ry likes it too so that's great!
Switched at Birth - Two girls switched at hospital, Daphne is raised in a low-income family and due to a sickness as a child becomes deaf. Bay is raised in an affluent neighborhood and attends fancy shmancy school. Once discovering they are switched Daphne and her 'mom' move into Bay's family's guest house. Lots of drama llama, but it's good.
Heartland - Amy is a horse trainer who lives on her family farm with her grandpa, newly-reconnected dad, sister, nieces, and former-farmhand current husband, Ty (a vet). 
Jane the Virgin - Virgin and engaged to police officer Michael, Jane, goes in for routine appointment and is accidentally artificially inseminated with the sperm of a man (Rafael) who had cancer and froze sperm for future family planning. Jane agrees to deliver child so that Rafael can actually have a kid, they end up getting romantically involved, then break up, she marries Michael again. Crazy telenovela style, but it's fun!
This is Us - I can't even explain this show to you because it will ruin the first episode but it's so good. It follows the life of different members of a family through present-time shots and flashbacks to their earlier lives. So so good. I watched the first ten episodes in two days because I literally could not stop. New fave.

Listening To: 

I don't talk about it much on the blog but I am a major Ed Sheeran fan. I love his music and he hasn't released anything for a year. But on Friday he dropped two new singles, which I love, and so my Ed Sheeran shuffle game has been strong. 


I always tend to shop less after the holidays (which is good I guess) Buuuut I did go to a few local boutiques lately and got some leggings for my mom, chocolate (obviously a necessity), some cute Valentines Day towels from Target's dollar spot. 


ALL OF THE WINTER GEAR. I actually bought some more 'fall style' clothes right after Christmas from Loft and I'm surer bummed I haven't been able to wear them yet because of this darn ice storm. My uniform as of late (or always, really) is fuzzy socks, boots, Loft skinnies, a warm shirt, a jacket (or six...), a scarf, and a beanie. It's nuts. 


Seeing my kiddos again (and gaining two new students) I'm just so impressed by these little people and love seeing the growth that they're showing this year. I'm spending my snow day grading spelling tests and inwardly cheering over their successes. I am blessed with the most amazing little people in my classroom and I wouldn't trade any of them, ever. (Well,  until next year when half of them leave me :( )

Looking Forward To: 

Valentines Day! 

What're you up to currently? I'd love to hear!

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