Wednesday, January 4, 2017

5 Quick Ways... to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud

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I'm toying with the idea of bringing new things to The Happy Chalkboard in 2017, and one of those things is a 'regular series' about 5 quick ways to do something.. decorate for a holiday, spread kindness, show gratefulness, etc. Eventually I would love for this to include links from other blogs and potentially a link up. If that sounds like something you'd be into, you should comment or contact me because I'm sure I love you and I'm sure I'd love to work with you! 

1. Pay for the person behind you

This almost seems ridiculous to use because everyone mentions this as an option for a kind gesture, but is that so bad? Also, who doesn't love not having to pay $4.85 for that latte you know you could make cheaper at home, but you really don't like the taste of when you compare it to your usual Starbucks. You love whatever you're getting, and I'm sure the person behind you does, too! It's a quick and easy way to make someone's day. Who in the world has ever said "UGH! I really am so angry that someone bought this for me! I really wanted to spend my own money instead! *dramatic sigh*" That's right, no one. 

2. Recognize someone who's working hard, and tell them thank you!

I saw this idea here and loved it. How often in our day do we visit people in a service environment? Our bus drivers, teachers, the secretary at the office, receptionist at the gym, hostess at the restaurant, grocery cashier, barista, etc? Many times! Often these people are working so hard! Maybe they're having a rough day, but they're still smiling. Maybe today has been hard and they're thinking about leaving the job. Maybe nobody has thanked them since 1839. You never know! Taking some time to show appreciation for the help they are in your day could really make theirs!

3. Give a surprise gift.

There really are only a few occasions in life when we receive gifts: our birthdays, Christmas, and maybe a few other holidays (Valentines Day, an anniversary, etc.) That's not a lot of gift giving folks! Why not put together a small gift for someone just-because! Grab a cute basket and a few of their favorite things (hand sanitizer, chocolate, gift cards, tickets to a movie/game, fuzzy socks, perfume, etc.) and leave it somewhere they'll find it (front door, car, desk, mailbox)

4. Clean up someone else's mess, without complaining

When I find myself cleaning up after someone usually in my mind (and occasionally, admittedly, out loud) I'm grumbling about it. "Why can't they just clean up their own things?" "Why would you take the lid off of this and leave it literally 27 centimeters from the trash can?" Petty little complaints that waste time and energy and bleck! Next time, really try to clean with a smile, and move on. 

Hopefully I don't leave messes that others have to clean up often, but if I flubbed and did I wouldn't want someone to be mentally grumbling about me! :) 

5. Write a sincere note to someone who's struggling

We all have off days, and sometimes it's nice to hear how wonderful we are from the people we love most! If you know that someone isn't having the best 2017 (or 2016's bummer side effects are still lingering... seriously so many people had a bad year it seems!) send a text, email, message, letter, postcard- whatever the cool kids are doing these days - to let them know you appreciate, recognize, and support them!

Any other ideas? Please feel free to share!

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