Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Clearly, I am not excited about winter break at all. I posted yesterday about what we did on our snow days, and now I'm full on discussing Christmas shenanigans from the classroom. HA! I'm a teacher. Being excited about winter break is what we do! I mean, that and teach... This post will basically be a hodgepodge compilation of all of the things I've done in the last week or so to prepare (or not prepare...) for winter break!

Teaching first and second grade is so fun because they're super into Santa. My school is very supportive of this. We have a Christmas tree in the hallway, the custodian spends a whole day dressed up as Santa Claus handing out gifts- the works. I love it, and added to that Christmas cheer this year by pulling up this video on my SmartBoard and putting their stockings and presents around. They flipped. It was crazy because they ate all of the sweets and got tons of presents from everyone the best day of the year

Another super exciting part of being a teacher is Christmas outfits! I only took one picture this week, but it was the best outfit all week so that's good! The kids thought I was the coolest (or at least I'd like to think so), and that's all that matters! :) 

Earrings // made by a ridiculously awesome co-worker. This lady is the best!
Sweater // Christmas present from mom, last year!
Necklace // Get this, this thing lights up in three different patterns!  From J's momma!
Leggings // Good ol' Walmart! Love these things! And only $5!

For the most part, our last week of school before Christmas was fun and exciting, but we did have some rough times. Full disclosure, this is not my truck. Although I do love it. My truck is currently being fixed because a few weeks ago (when it was snowing and under 30 degrees all week...) my alternator was showing signs of going out. So, my dad encouraged me not to use my heat, radio, etc. because I needed this darn alternator to last through the week of rough weather (J drives a Jetta and I'm not about to drive in this crazy weather in that ice cube) My dad usually swaps vehicles with me when things like this happen, but they had rough weather too their way and it didn't make sense for us to try and drive the long distances for that at the time.

Finally (after four days of freezing!) we were able to make a swap and I started driving my brother's truck (since he's in Florida until Christmas... long story) I was jazzed, I love the truck, everything was fine and dandy. 

Last Monday morning (my first day driving the thing to work, and with J) we left the house at our normal time and headed to school. The drive was completely normal until we made a turn onto a fairly busy highway. I slid a little on a bridge and we were both like "Woah, it was 39 degrees at home, why is there ice?" I slowed down to 35-40, and we turned onto the last road we take before getting to school.


Not five minutes later we were fishtailing all over the highway in both lanes. Janell wasn't saying or doing anything (not that she could've done anything anyway...haha) while I yelled "JANELL! WHAT DO I DOOOOO?!" approximately 537 times. It only lasted a few seconds, but if felt like forever. All I remember is crazy fishtailing and seeing the ditch and feeling the truck slide toward it. I honestly thought we were going to roll the truck. But, we didn't. By some miracle (thank you, Jesus) the truck straightened out and we were off, pointing in the right direction. I was so anxious and thankfully the rest of the drive was uneventful.

However, when we got to school we found out that a few minutes behind us, at the exact same spot, a co-worker had been in a pretty signifant accident. Both of the parties involved are okay, but still. Scary stuff. Stay safe out there, folks. 

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