Monday, December 19, 2016

Walkin' (and driving) In A Winter Wonderland

We have had snow and ice all over the place out here, people. While I love snow, I really dislike ice. I'm over the ice part. Take the ice away and send me flurries, darn it! I guess I should be a little okay with the ice though, after all it did earn us a few days off of work on Thursday and Friday. 

If you've read my blog at all, ever, you probably know that Janell of 3 Arrows is my roommate, co-worker, friend, co-coach, etc. We spent our days off doing a bunch of errands, blogging, walking to nearby shops, wrapping Christmas presents, and delivering pies. It was a whirlwind of Christmas errands I tell ya. So, if you wanna know what a small town snow day looks like... feel free to keep scrolling!


Snow dayyyy!

Shopping at our favorite local stores. I only bought some Christmas leggings (see awkward mirror selfie below) but no regrets- these are the most comfortable leggings I have ever seen. 

Janell was ridiculously proud of this gift bag she bought, and many people commented on it. I've never heard so many compliments over a paper bag in my life.


On Friday Janell stopped being a wimp we got a little bit braver and decided to drive out to work and pick up some pies we'd ordered for ourselves and friends from some of the kiddos at school's fundraiser. We work in the town over from where we live and surprisingly while we had snow and ice on our roads, the roads where work and been cancelled were just fine! It did take five-ever to scrape the ice off of my brother's truck with a Fred Meyer gift card though... ice scraper for Christmas, I think yes. 

Is it really a snow day without a selfie? Nah. But, we didn't like the first one... so we took a better one! :) 

Side note: if you're in the market for a great stocking stuffer, Amazon is selling these Carhartt beanies for $9.99. They're technically a mens beanie, but they have every color under the sun. I have this beanie in coal heather, teal, and coral. I'm seriously considering buying the port one too because it's one of my favorite colors right now and they're seriously so warm. I almost always have one in my purse, and Ry has even been known to steal the gray one on occasion. 

Remember that awkward mirror selfie I talked about above? This is it. I bought these leggings at a local shop form the sweetest lady ever. They are super soft and were only $15! Steal. My mom approved and officially labeled them as her favorite Christmas leggings of mine. Definitely proud of this purchase.

And with that, our snow days are coming to an end. The ice is starting to melt outside and I'll be back at my parents house by Monday to start decorating for Christmas. 

How do you spend your snow days?
Do you have snow where you live?
Know anywhere I can get even more Christmas leggings?

If you're freezing in this winter wonderland too, don't forget about our socks & scarves swap! :)

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