Thursday, December 29, 2016

& There Goes Another Year, Round 2...

I did a post similar to this one last year, and it was so fun to look back on all of the things I did during 2015. So, let's take a trip down memory lane and see what 2016 was like!

Honestly, January wasn't that exciting of a month. I have very few blog posts from January. Apparently, I was boring.

Told someone about the blog! That person was Janell and shortly after she started her own blog! So that was pretty cool! :)

Finally got my Kate Spade bag that I wanted forever, as a graduation present from my awesome momma! We also went to Hawaii for Spring Break, which is slowly becoming a family tradition that I love!

Went to a few job fairs, went to a few interviews, and stressed a lot about whether or not I would get a job for the upcoming year. 

So many things happened in May! I shared my testimony for the first time, got a job, and started planning for my classroom.

Uh, I graduated from flipping COLLEGE!

Procrastinated, and worked at science camp!

I was boring again. Sorry. :) 

Got Tuff (our puppy!) 

Did some major classroom work!

Continued teaching
Started coaching
Drank lots of coffee
Started getting my nails done monthly.

Two year with Ry!

Turned 23
Became a crazy Christmas person
Shopped way too much
Got ready for the new year! ;) 

What was the highlight of your year?
Hopes for 2017?

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