Friday, December 23, 2016

My Favorite Part of the Holidays

I love the holidays. I don't know if being a Christmas-aholic is a thing, but if so- I am definitely one. I love everything about Christmas: the decorations, the lights, the emotions, the joy everyone seems to exude, being around family, my birthday being in the same month - everything! Today I'm linking up with Erika for Friday Favorites!

But, my favorite part of the holidays is seeing my mom transform our house into an even more beautiful place to go on breaks. My mom always goes all out in everything that she does, and the house at Christmastime is no different.

  • We have matching throw blankets for every holiday
  • Our tree always touches the ceiling. It's a rule. Our old house had low low ceilings and in this house my mom wanted to be able to use up that extra ceiling space!

  • Our stockings (which you can't see super clearly, sorry) are sweater knit and have our initials on them. Always in the same order (dad, mom, me, broski)
  • That burlap let it snow banner is from a local boutique and is still one of my favorite decorations
  • Our Christmas tree is always snowman and snowflake themed
  • All of our presents have corresponding ribbon. And I wrap them all. Even my own!

By far the coolest part though is our holiday table. My mom's side of the family is huge and for the last few years we've had the holiday dinner at our house and its so cool to all fit around one table that stretches out of the dining room and into the kitchen.

Each napkin is folded by my brother and I before silverware is put on, and each plate is tied with a 'Ho Ho Ho' ribbon into a bow. I used to have some close ups of the table but I'm not sure what happened to them. I'll post the updated pictures from this year soon.

How do you decorate for the holidays?

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