Thursday, December 1, 2016

Instagram Lately

One - Ryan and I, Thanksgiving 2016. We went to my parents house and spent the weekend.
Two - Two year anniversary (11.5.16) We went shopping and to dinner! 
Three - Pumpkin Patch 2016!
Four - Graduation throwback for Janell's birthday in October!
Five - First Oregon Duck game (they lost, but... that seems to be the trend for them lately...)
Six - Morning coffee lid (starring Dutch Bros and my overworked work laptop)
Seven - Back to the coffee theme 'May your coffee be strong & your Mondays be short'. Motto of life.
Eight - Crater Lake trip for Ry's birthday in September!
Nine - Shopping trip with J before school started!
Ten - My classroom right before the first day with kiddos! 
Eleven - Tuff. The cutest YorkiePoo everrrr!
Twelve - My classroom right before school started. My name plate had just officially been put up. I was emotional.

What's new in your life? What important life events do you take pictures of?

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