Wednesday, December 14, 2016

23 Is A Great Age To Be

I just realized (a whole week later...) that I never posted about my birthday! I turned 23 last Thursday, and since then have felt prettyyyyy old. I know that sounds ridiculous, but young me always had such big plans and a long list of things I wanted to complete before 23. 

On Wednesday night Ryan surprised me with THIS dutch oven and I love it already. 

Ignore how terrible I look in this picture, and just look at the kitchen ware! 

Ryan's roommates are super sweet, and one of them (and his girlfriend) gave me a Dutch cup, the love I have for that place is no secret, and K-cups for my Keurig. I'm jazzed. I've used both many times already.

We also busted open the ninja bread men box that we'd been super excited to try out. We were super eager to decorate and were talking about it for a few days before we actually baked them. Ya know those Pinterest baking fails you see everywhere? We became one. My mom literally cried because she found this so hilarious. Sigh.

On Thursday morning, I found out that our two hour delay had been changed to a... 

Then, Janell gave me this super cute little box full of chocolate, perfume, and a new eyeshadow palette! (My favorite one had to be tossed when I got an eye infection this year... and I was so sad!

My other roommate also left me flowers and balloons. I love friends. :) 

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