Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I Won!!!

Let it be known that I never win anything. Until this week! A while back I was reading Hannah's blog about the Christmas cards they ordered from Minted. The cards were adorable and I'd never heard of Minted before. Hannah announced a giveaway on the blog for $250 (holy cannoli!) I entered, but expected zilch.

On Saturday I got the email that I FREAKING WON. And so, the Minted shopping began. I didn't know what to do with $250, and while I loveeee Hannah's Christmas cards, I don't really need Christmas cards at this point in life. So, I decided to browse around and see what else Minted had to offer. So, here's my mini shopping spree from Minted!

I loved this stationary the second I saw it. Obviously I ordered mine with my own name, not Valerie Maos, and I'm so excited to use it!

Ryan is getting ready to start student teaching (uh, yay!) and I played with this design a little to create something that was sophisticated and businesslike so that when he starts applying for teaching jobs and sending interview follow up thank-yous he'll have fancy shmancy stationary to write on!

Again, not the real photo. I ordered this print for my momma for Christmas! I added her favorite family photo, not this 'Your Image Here' shenanigans. 

brushed wall art print // 14x11" $89
I ordered this for Ryan for Christmas, again without these random people. I used one of my favorite pictures from when I went to Hawaii for the first time and we hiked Diamond Head and attached one of my favorite love quotes. 

I am so so jazzed about this! I love giving gifts. 10/10 would rather give than receive a gift. It's just so fun to put it all together! So, when I needed to add one more thing I definitely chose to get these super cute gift tags!

Total Order: $255.75
+free shipping, people!
-$250 promotion code
All of this Christmas for $5.75

I'm excited. And I'm so so thankful to Hannah and Minted for this awesome giveaway and opportunity. I'd never used Minted before, but I know I'll be back. I'm definitely eyeing the kid teepees as a possible classroom purchase in the future... 

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