Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Classroom Tour 2016-2017

I just realized that even though I've been teaching since August I never posted pictures of my classroom! Granted this isn't the most inclusive tour (and at the moment my class is decorated for Christmas...) but here's the bare bones of it all!
I have 27 kiddos in my classroom. They're all awesome and silly and I love spending my days with these little turkeys! We sit in table groups of 4-6, and spend lots of time learning with our Smart Board or sitting at the back carpet together working on math and such! 

I've been in love with this barn wood bulletin paper since I saw it on a blog (and then found it on Amazon). I'm so obsessed with it that anytime I hang something up I put the thumbtacks on the space between the 'boards' so the holes don't show up as clearly... don't judge.

The 'Learn' banner is from Target (but I wrote on it) and the borders and alphabet are also from Amazon. Beanbags are form Walmart, green chairs are from my old mentor teacher, book bins are from the Dollar Store (for obvious reasons...) 

Only picture I have in my desk area. Looking like a stereotypical teacher over here. 

I don't even remember if I posted about this, but once upon a time one of my kiddos gave their teacher (i.e. me) a real life apple! I didn't know that happened in real life and I'm so psyched about it! 

 It's not perfect, but it's mine and I love it! :) 

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