Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday's Happening

I love this life, really I do. Tuesday was a wonderful day. My 27!!! kiddos were awesome (students, not actual children) and we even did a test without any grumbling!!! 

After school J and I went to get our nails did and after many many Pinteresr searches I settled on this inspiration photo, and we landed pretty close!

I also made a quick stop at Target and TJmaxx to finish my mug swap for Summer's (Coffee with Summer) swap that's coming up in a few days!!! Super pumped. (And to take this fitting room selfie...)

And then I came home to eat brownies and ice cream with homemade whip, because #adulting. 

Real talk though, I desperately need to get to bed. 5:45 comes early folks, even with a joyful alarm. 

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