Monday, October 24, 2016


When I interviewed for my teaching job I was asked about my willingness to coach/advise extracurricular activities. I remember saying that while I would eventually be interested in doing those things, that during my first year I really wanted to focus on getting my feet planted and myself established.

Apparently present tense me does not listen to past tense me. 

A week or so ago, Janell told me that she was approached at school (we teach at the same school) and was asked if we would be interested in co-coaching middle school basketball. Middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL?! I immediately said NAH WAY. I'm out.

But then she kept talking. And we started to get super excited about the possibilities and the opportunity.

Long story short, we're coaching middle school basketball.

And I am in full panic mode.

My mom was a star athlete. Literally amazing at whatever she did. My brother and I played sports year-round for our entire lives and I was pretty good at basketball but my brother was amazing. So I'm sure that it's some insane shock to literally everyone that I'm the once coaching. Who woulda thought? He says he'll still get his first win before me though *insert eye roll* ;)

Basically, I'm realizing that I haven't played this sport in a few years and while I played extensively, and remember quite a bit about what we did and know how to play the game, I don't remember everything. And that's so frustrating.

So I'll just browse pinterest and find cute gift ideas.
It's easier that way.

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