Tuesday, October 25, 2016

So, how's your day going…?

Kid 1: Why does ______'s jacket have her name written in it?
Me: Well, sometimes parents write their kiddo's name in their jacket so that if it gets lost they can find it easier! My parents used to do that, so if someone found my jacket they could say "Oh, this is Ms. _____'s, except they didn't call me Ms. _______ when I was a kid!"
Kid 1: What did they call you?!
Kid 2: They called her Sammy!
Kid 1: Why?!
Me: Because that's my name…
Kid 1: That's not a name for a person!
Me: Then who is it a name for….
Kid 1: A seal!

Monday, October 24, 2016


When I interviewed for my teaching job I was asked about my willingness to coach/advise extracurricular activities. I remember saying that while I would eventually be interested in doing those things, that during my first year I really wanted to focus on getting my feet planted and myself established.

Apparently present tense me does not listen to past tense me. 

A week or so ago, Janell told me that she was approached at school (we teach at the same school) and was asked if we would be interested in co-coaching middle school basketball. Middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL?! I immediately said NAH WAY. I'm out.

But then she kept talking. And we started to get super excited about the possibilities and the opportunity.

Long story short, we're coaching middle school basketball.

And I am in full panic mode.

My mom was a star athlete. Literally amazing at whatever she did. My brother and I played sports year-round for our entire lives and I was pretty good at basketball but my brother was amazing. So I'm sure that it's some insane shock to literally everyone that I'm the once coaching. Who woulda thought? He says he'll still get his first win before me though *insert eye roll* ;)

Basically, I'm realizing that I haven't played this sport in a few years and while I played extensively, and remember quite a bit about what we did and know how to play the game, I don't remember everything. And that's so frustrating.

So I'll just browse pinterest and find cute gift ideas.
It's easier that way.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Is it too early for a goals list…?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oh, October...

I love October. Honestly, I love pretty much any month that ends in -ber, and for darnnn good reason. I feel like that's a Little Rascals quote. Maybe not. Eh. Basically, the fall/winter are wonderful for a billion and one reasons. First of all, it's socially acceptable to carry a hot coffee/cocoa/whatever it is you fancy in your hands at every hour of the day. Early morning, it's cold… coffee is great. Middle of the day, still freezing… coffee is still great. End of the day? Probably even colder. Coffee. You get the picture.

There are also just so many fun holidays during these months! Halloween, Thanksgiving, our dating anniversary, Ryan's birthday, my birthday, AND Christmas. It's a time to be alive, I tell ya. And also a time to buy ALL THE GIFTS. I love buying gifts, so it's like months of buying and wrapping. Weee!
We haven't picked out our pumpkins, but we're hoping to this Friday. I'm also planning to buy those little pumpkins for my kiddos to do some math activities with. We're going to measure their height, circumference, and experiment with whether or not they float. Because why not?!

Speaking of school, last week was spirit week and we all had a blast! Monday was pajama day (can I get an amen that we should be allowed to wear our pajamas to work 24/7?), Tuesday was 'school rainbow day' so every class had a color to deck their classroom out in. Mine was green, obviously. And  Wednesday was school pride day. Hence the purple hair, which despite popular belief was not real… sorry to disappoint kiddos (and mom… haha) My mom was super convinced that I dyed my hair purple and was EXCITED?! I've never dyed my hair even a somewhat 'normal' color. So I don't know why she thought I'd dye it purple. Oh whale.

The boyfriend is playing club football through our university. On Monday we had a torrential downpour in our area. Supposedly the "storm of the century" which really just ended up being rain, and a random tornado on the coast… but that isn't near us… Either way, that Monday night football game was WET AND RAINY. For the first half. But I had Dutch, and Dutch can get you through anything in life. Also, I knew I had baked potato soup and garlic bread cooking at home, so that helps too :) 

This one isn't as current, but a random throwback to the time (a week or two ago) when my little brother got us 50-YARD LINE seats to the Duck game. The Ducks aren't as incredible as they used to be… bye Marcus :(, but it was still a super fun experience and we also learned there's a DUTCH BROS INSIDE Autzen Stadium. I promise I cared more about the game than this fact, but it was still pretty mind-blowing. 

What have you been up to?
What pictures do you have tucked away on your phone that still haven't made it to the blog?
What's your favorite fall tradition?

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday's Happening

I love this life, really I do. Tuesday was a wonderful day. My 27!!! kiddos were awesome (students, not actual children) and we even did a test without any grumbling!!! 

After school J and I went to get our nails did and after many many Pinteresr searches I settled on this inspiration photo, and we landed pretty close!

I also made a quick stop at Target and TJmaxx to finish my mug swap for Summer's (Coffee with Summer) swap that's coming up in a few days!!! Super pumped. (And to take this fitting room selfie...)

And then I came home to eat brownies and ice cream with homemade whip, because #adulting. 

Real talk though, I desperately need to get to bed. 5:45 comes early folks, even with a joyful alarm.