Monday, September 19, 2016

Random Bunch of Updates

I haven't been here in a month, and it's been so strange. I've been so busy I honestly didn't even have time to think much about blogging, and when I did think about it I definitely didn't have time to post anything at all. But, I've still been reading the occasional blog and I'm so excited to really catch up on everything you've all been up to!

Here's a hodgepodge mix of random things that have happened in the last thirty days!

My family got a puppy! My mom, aunt, and I were shopping at a store we'd never been to and this family was outside with the smallest, cutest puppy I'd ever seen! We asked them about their pup (whose name was Penny!) and they said they'd just got her and that the woman had one puppy left. They gave us her number and we called like that second. The lady confirmed she still had the puppy so we drove two hours to go see him and guys, instant love. He came home with us (sorry dad for not notifying you that this was happening… haha) and we've loved him ever since! His name is Tuff and he's half Yorkie and half Toy Poodle. Love him to bits and pieces. I'm sure there'll be tons of pup-dates on the blog in the future. He's ridiculously smart and at three months old already knows how to sit, stay, shake, lay down, high five, roll over, and wave! Talented dude, I tell ya.

I finished my classroom, like classrooms can ever be finished… (and started teaching!) Today was officially the start of my fourth week of being a real-life teacher with a real-life classroom. It's been unbelievably difficult at times, but still so so much fun and I'm enjoying myself even more than I expected to! Every week has been increasingly awesome (except for week two when I lost my voice, got pink eye, and my kiddos were off the walls crazy!!) As we keep getting further into the school year I'm super proud of how my classroom (and my kiddos) are coming along, and I can't wait to see how everything changes throughout the year.

Ever since the first week of school ended make that after the second week, since that week of sickness was awful…I'm just really feeling like I know what I'm doing! Sometimes I'm convinced that I didn't learn anything about teaching in college, but other times I'm just so proud of myself for surviving the tough days and making it through with a smile (and every kid accounted for ;) I also feel like I finally look like a teacher and not a 'fake teacher', other than that moment at open house when a mom looked around the room for a few minutes and then said "OH! YOU're the teacher." Sorry I look twelve. I try not to… I think that I'm just feeling much more confident in my role in the classroom and I'm just so excited to be there and get to do what I want and make the decisions I see fit. It's great.

Highlight of the week: I got my very. first. teacher apple. I didn't even know this was something that people DO in real life? But look- they do!! It was super cute and I wrote the little kiddo a thank you card (to which she replied "But teacher, I don't know how to read…") It's okay though, she'll learn :) Immediately after I thanked her and gave her the card another kiddo said "Teacher, tomorrow I'm bringing you a pear!!" That tomorrow would've been a weekend and he tried to convince me to come up anyway and meet him outside. The cuteness, I tell ya.

Other kid quotes from the last thirteen days of school… 

"Did you know people were living when dinosaurs ruled the world…"No. No I did not.

"My dad's the president." Nope, I've talked to your dad. And narrating the white house virtual tour using fancy names such as 'the grand hall' and 'living room #3' doesn't mean it's your house… haha

"Teacher, why are you still wearing your sleeping clothes?"
Because it's open house and I dressed up, kiddo (apparently not enough…? haha)

"Why are you dressed like a witch today…"
Again, I wasn't- red dress, black tights, black boots. Thanks, kid

"George Washington is my uncle…he married my aunt!"
No words. He kept this up for three days. Even pointed him out in videos. So confused.

I'm hoping to be back around here a bit more. Thank you to anyone who still reads this. You're the real MVP. If people even say that anymore.

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