Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Day in the Life

I'm always super interested in these posts where people share their schedules, and I've wanted to do one for a while (but my day wasn't interesting enough to post a schedule… so… ) Now that I'm a teacher and constantly run around like a crazed chicken, I feel like I have something to offer the world in this department. I have so many short sections of my day that I've rewritten this post a few times. I think this is because in my day to day, that three minute break between social studies and recess is a huge chunk of time to fill, but in reality it's not the biggest issue out there. You don't really need to know that exists in my life haha.

6:00: Alarm goes off. I probably wake up to this one. If I do, then I grab an outfit, brush my teethies, throw my hair up, and put on makeup.
6:15: If I don't wake up to the first one, I'll wake up to this one and mad dash to get everything done.
6:30-6:45: Leave the house, commute to work
6:45-7:30: Get to work, clean off whiteboard, update with new student helpers, clean up the classroom,  check email, drink coffee, make copies, last-minute planning, choose choice time activities, retape name tags that they've picked at (I hate this…)
7:30-8:00: Kids show up and start dropping off their backpacks and homework before they go to breakfast.
8:00: Pick up kiddos from breakfast

8:00-8:15: Classroom carpet morning meeting. We talk about anything important, our plan for the day, etc. Sometimes we have a story read aloud during this time. I also announce who gets to sit in our three bean bag seats for the wholeeeee day (which is a huge deal right now in the first and second grade, I tell ya)
8:15-9:45: Literacy centers. I teach four different groups of kiddos at their grade level and when they aren't with me or the reading specialist they practice their spelling, reading, writing, etc. independently.
9:45-10:00: Recess duty
10:00-11:00: Math instruction, I teach two groups of kiddos and the opposite group practices independent math skills.
11:00-11:05: Clean up time
11:05-11:15: Read aloud/get ready for lunch

Sweater: Target (a few years ago) // Similar in different color
Scarf: Loft (from Boutique) // Similar in different color

11:20-12:00: Lunch break! The above picture is not actually me during a lunch break (I don't sit in my car…) but it is a picture of me doing absolutely nothing. Which is exactly what I do during my one break of the day.
12:00-12:30: Special! (Music/Art/PE)
12:30-12:35: Kiddo calm down break
12:35-1:00: Social studies instruction 1/2. My social studies curriculum isn't my favorite, so we spend a lot of time looking up our social studies questions. So far this week we've asked "What do other countries' flags look like?" "Where is Mt. Rushmore?" "What happened to the very first flag ever made?" and "What does the White House look like inside?"
1:00-1:10: GoNoodle break
1:10-1:30: Recess
1:30-2:00: Science instruction 1/2. We have digital science lessons which are super cool and interactive. My kiddos LOVE them so far (we're only three in, but oh well!) A few days ago we actually got our classroom speakers to hook up to our SMART Board, so now we can hear our lessons too ;)
2:00-2:30: Choice time. Games, blocks, puzzles, Uno, you name it… we might have it.
2:30-2:40: Read Aloud (Right now we're reading Junie B. Jones, Toothless Wonder) The kiddos in my class are all turning up with loose teeth (which I'm really not a fan of…) and so they're totally identifying with crazy little Junie B.
2:40-2:45: Clean up and line up for home
2:45-3:00: Dismissal

3:00-3:30: After school I'm always exhausted, so I spend this time finishing anything I didn't in the morning like clean up classroom, organize materials, prep things for the next day, communicate with any staff member I need to check in with, check emails, work on any big projects (grading, changing bulletin board, cleaning anything, redoing anything)
4:00-4:15:  Commute home
4:15-9:30:  A mix of break time, planning, dinner making, talking to my roommate, getting Dutch Bros to survive (and to throw the leftovers in the fridge to reheat in the morning so I can save ten minutes of my day) and just appreciating that I can do literally whatever I want and not talk to 27 people at a  time.
9:30-10:00: Get ready for bed.
Coffee: 16 oz hot Caramelizer form Dutch Bros
Planner: I made it! See post here. 
Laptop Sleeve: From Etsy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Worst Date. Ever.

This would never happen, but before I start I feel like I should start this post by saying that if by some chance the person I went on this date with reads this… the date wasn't bad because of the person. It was bad because of this movie. 

The Year One. I've linked the IMDB page for this movie because if on the off-chance you're literally bored out of your mind and have nothing else to do, you should see that other people think this movie is awful too. Not just me!


When I was a freshman in high school I played a lot of basketball, year-round. While doing this my brother and I were able to meet a ton of people that we're still friends with to this day. When I was a freshman we spent a lot of time with a few people in particular though, and one of them was (let's call him) Larry. 

Larry and I were pretty close. We didn't go to the same school but I invited him to a dance, we'd hang out after basketball was over. We were chums. And then 13-year-old Sammy and 'Larry' started "dating". Which consisted of us hanging out after basketball was over. Haha, woo! 

One day, we decided to go watch a movie. One of our parents drove us to the movie theater (because hello, we're thirteen and can't even go do anything on our own…) I don't remember who chose the movie, but I'd like to say it was definitely not me. Because I would not choose this movie. 

To make it short, there are very few things I remember about this film, but the one thing I know for SURE is that it was the worst movie I have ever seen. In all of my 22 years of life. It was so stupid and boring that I fell asleep in the theater. Larry didn't even bother to wake me up until I totally panic woke right before the movie actually ended. And I'm pretty sure that the ride home was just as awkward.

We stopped "dating" shortly thereafter. 

Big surprise there, I'm sure. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Random Bunch of Updates

I haven't been here in a month, and it's been so strange. I've been so busy I honestly didn't even have time to think much about blogging, and when I did think about it I definitely didn't have time to post anything at all. But, I've still been reading the occasional blog and I'm so excited to really catch up on everything you've all been up to!

Here's a hodgepodge mix of random things that have happened in the last thirty days!

My family got a puppy! My mom, aunt, and I were shopping at a store we'd never been to and this family was outside with the smallest, cutest puppy I'd ever seen! We asked them about their pup (whose name was Penny!) and they said they'd just got her and that the woman had one puppy left. They gave us her number and we called like that second. The lady confirmed she still had the puppy so we drove two hours to go see him and guys, instant love. He came home with us (sorry dad for not notifying you that this was happening… haha) and we've loved him ever since! His name is Tuff and he's half Yorkie and half Toy Poodle. Love him to bits and pieces. I'm sure there'll be tons of pup-dates on the blog in the future. He's ridiculously smart and at three months old already knows how to sit, stay, shake, lay down, high five, roll over, and wave! Talented dude, I tell ya.

I finished my classroom, like classrooms can ever be finished… (and started teaching!) Today was officially the start of my fourth week of being a real-life teacher with a real-life classroom. It's been unbelievably difficult at times, but still so so much fun and I'm enjoying myself even more than I expected to! Every week has been increasingly awesome (except for week two when I lost my voice, got pink eye, and my kiddos were off the walls crazy!!) As we keep getting further into the school year I'm super proud of how my classroom (and my kiddos) are coming along, and I can't wait to see how everything changes throughout the year.

Ever since the first week of school ended make that after the second week, since that week of sickness was awful…I'm just really feeling like I know what I'm doing! Sometimes I'm convinced that I didn't learn anything about teaching in college, but other times I'm just so proud of myself for surviving the tough days and making it through with a smile (and every kid accounted for ;) I also feel like I finally look like a teacher and not a 'fake teacher', other than that moment at open house when a mom looked around the room for a few minutes and then said "OH! YOU're the teacher." Sorry I look twelve. I try not to… I think that I'm just feeling much more confident in my role in the classroom and I'm just so excited to be there and get to do what I want and make the decisions I see fit. It's great.

Highlight of the week: I got my very. first. teacher apple. I didn't even know this was something that people DO in real life? But look- they do!! It was super cute and I wrote the little kiddo a thank you card (to which she replied "But teacher, I don't know how to read…") It's okay though, she'll learn :) Immediately after I thanked her and gave her the card another kiddo said "Teacher, tomorrow I'm bringing you a pear!!" That tomorrow would've been a weekend and he tried to convince me to come up anyway and meet him outside. The cuteness, I tell ya.

Other kid quotes from the last thirteen days of school… 

"Did you know people were living when dinosaurs ruled the world…"No. No I did not.

"My dad's the president." Nope, I've talked to your dad. And narrating the white house virtual tour using fancy names such as 'the grand hall' and 'living room #3' doesn't mean it's your house… haha

"Teacher, why are you still wearing your sleeping clothes?"
Because it's open house and I dressed up, kiddo (apparently not enough…? haha)

"Why are you dressed like a witch today…"
Again, I wasn't- red dress, black tights, black boots. Thanks, kid

"George Washington is my uncle…he married my aunt!"
No words. He kept this up for three days. Even pointed him out in videos. So confused.

I'm hoping to be back around here a bit more. Thank you to anyone who still reads this. You're the real MVP. If people even say that anymore.