Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Things I Should Really Do (...but haven't)

See that face? That's the face of pure procrastination...

I'm not usually a procrastinator, I leave that role to my brother. He's the type to complete an assignment twenty seconds before the deadline (he says he works best under pressure.. insert the biggest eye roll ever here) and I'm the kind of person to complete the assignment twenty seconds after it was assigned.

But guys, this summer I'm straight up in summertime mode. I had so many plans and lists of things I was going to get done during the break and have I done any of them (hint: nope)

So, in an attempt to motivate myself to actually get something done, and because let's be honest when you do nothing you have nothing to blog about, here's my list of things I should really, really do.

  1. Remember like ten years ago when I said my wallet was breaking and I needed a new one? Me too, and I still haven't gone one. Every single time I open my purse to grab my wallet I cringe. It just seriously needs to be replaced.
  2. Figure out which supplies I want to buy for my classroom and which I want to put on the supply list for students to bring. This really shouldn't be that difficult, but I've gone back and forth about whether I should use my supply budget to buy a class set of watercolor paints, or whether kids should just add it to the list of things to bring. I'm driving myself crazy.
  3. Since I'm going to be (technically I am, but it feels weird saying that) a teacher I have an insane amount of books. I'm talking like boxes and boxes. While all of them are great, not all of them are going to be useful in my classroom next year (upper level chapter books, probably nah) but I haven't had the energy to sort or go through or organize anyyyyyy of them. So that'll probably happen the night before the first day of school. Great.
  4. Last year I rented a four bedroom house with some friends. This summer two of them moved out, one to go live in a different area and one got married (YAY!), so that just leaves J and I in our house. I didn't really think about how many things were in the house that others had contributed until I came back for work this week and realized that so many things are gone! I really really really need to actually search the house and figure out what is missing so that I can buy it before I notice it's gone, when I need it.
  5. Wash my car. Don't even ask when the last time it was washed was. I don't know. I vaguely remember washing it maybe last summer. Or the summer before. In my defense, it's pretty big and takes like an hour... and doesn't fit in most car washes... but still. No excuses. That's what got me into this mess.
  6. Move everything out of the empty bedroom in our house and out of my car and into the classroom. The entire back of my truck is all classroom supplies. And half of this empty bedroom that doesn't even belong to me. It's intense and I can't wait until I can officially move things in and put them away. Technically this one doesn't belong on the list because it's something I can't do yet, but still.
  7. Clean out my freezer. And/or actually eat the things that are in there.
  8. Catch up on my shows! Buuuut I can't do that until all of this is done, of course. Ha. Who am I kidding...

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