Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Luckily, I'll be able to get into my classroom pretty soon (I can pick up my keys on Thursday, and can start decorating after it's cleaned in July) but my official teacher start date is August 22nd, 69 days away. That's a lot of days.

So far I've been curating a list on Amazon of things I want to get for the room (thanks brother for that Amazon gift card for graduation, you're the real MVP)

These are my ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY things. You might remember from an earlier post that I'm going for a rustic/chalkboard/brights theme for my first year. I'm hoping it works out. My aunt and momma have approved and they're the queens of all things design-y, so I'm hoping for the best.

The first thing I'll probably buy is this paper for my bulletin boards. I love that it's fadeless because if I do end up staying in the same classroom for years hopefully I won't have to replace it! And the bigger sheets mean less lines! Woo!

Amazon - 4xin x 12ft ($8.97)

Sticking with the rustic/chalk theme I'm also super excited to get these months of the year tags to place above my calendar!

Amazon - ($7.99)

I'm still thinking about what I would use these for if I did get them. Some options I thought of were for labels of the different subjects and using them to make our daily schedule or for different table group's notes, since I plan to have color coded table groups. We'll see. Either way, they're super cute.

Amazon - ($7.49)

This is by far the toughest purchase decision for me. I really want to have a place where I can display books surrounding the theme we're learning about the time/holidays/etc. These little book displays aren't super expensive and would be perfect for what I'm thinking about. However, I'm not sure what color to get! The center option (primary colors) is the cheapest, but it doesn't go with my 'brights' scheme. The pastels and 'espresso/cream' options are equal in price, but I'm not sure if the pastels will be too light for my scheme, and I'm afraid white is a terrible decision with lots of dirt to show.
I guess I'm leaning toward the pastel option but I'm not completely sold. Thoughts?

Amazon - ($29.98, $19.79, $29.98)

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