Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tearing at the Seams

My wallet is broken. I'm so sad about this that clearly I've devoted an entire blog post to it (and also Kate Spade, but that's beside the point) I've had this wallet since high school, and it's one of my most favorite things I own. I'm so sad to have to see it go. But ya'll, it's gotta go...

I've been searching Kate Spade for the last hour or so because my purse is Kate Spade, and ideally the two should match I think. Here are some options I've come up with. Thoughts?

Cedar Street Lacey - $178
I like this wallet, especially the black and tan, because I think that it's the exact color of my purse. However, I don't like that it's an expensive wallet (more expensive than the purse was...) So I think I'd only buy it if it was on sale.

I think that the little cut outs on this wallet are super cute. I like that it's different. However, I'm not sure that the tan color matches the tan of my purse and I think that having two different tans would bother me. I'd love to see this wallet in black, and maybe in a bigger size.

Again, this wallet is super small. I like having a bigger wallet, since I stuff so many things in there, so I don't think this size would work.
I honestly think the only reason I like this one is because it's the bigger style and black. This picture makes it look glittery or something, which isn't how it looks on Amazon.

Kieran Wallet - $134.99
I love the scalloped edge on this one, and that it's black. I think I'm definitely leaning toward a solid-colored wallet.

Know of a wallet I'm missing? Help a girl out!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Things I've Done Since Graduating From College...

This sounds like it should be some profound article about parasailing the world and finding myself, but I can't do all of that in just three days so stay tuned for that other stuff.

  • Took lots of pictures of the festivities
  • Ate lots of food
  • Spent time with family
  • Went to church
  • Went to breakfast
  • Napped
  • Napped again
  • Shopped for my classroom
  • Went to the grocery store
  • Cleaned my house
  • Leveled four hundred childrens books
  • Went to Dutch Bros
  • Helped my mentor teacher finish out the school year
  • Wished I was back in school already...

#countdowntotheclassroom... 68 days.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Luckily, I'll be able to get into my classroom pretty soon (I can pick up my keys on Thursday, and can start decorating after it's cleaned in July) but my official teacher start date is August 22nd, 69 days away. That's a lot of days.

So far I've been curating a list on Amazon of things I want to get for the room (thanks brother for that Amazon gift card for graduation, you're the real MVP)

These are my ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY things. You might remember from an earlier post that I'm going for a rustic/chalkboard/brights theme for my first year. I'm hoping it works out. My aunt and momma have approved and they're the queens of all things design-y, so I'm hoping for the best.

The first thing I'll probably buy is this paper for my bulletin boards. I love that it's fadeless because if I do end up staying in the same classroom for years hopefully I won't have to replace it! And the bigger sheets mean less lines! Woo!

Amazon - 4xin x 12ft ($8.97)

Sticking with the rustic/chalk theme I'm also super excited to get these months of the year tags to place above my calendar!

Amazon - ($7.99)

I'm still thinking about what I would use these for if I did get them. Some options I thought of were for labels of the different subjects and using them to make our daily schedule or for different table group's notes, since I plan to have color coded table groups. We'll see. Either way, they're super cute.

Amazon - ($7.49)

This is by far the toughest purchase decision for me. I really want to have a place where I can display books surrounding the theme we're learning about the time/holidays/etc. These little book displays aren't super expensive and would be perfect for what I'm thinking about. However, I'm not sure what color to get! The center option (primary colors) is the cheapest, but it doesn't go with my 'brights' scheme. The pastels and 'espresso/cream' options are equal in price, but I'm not sure if the pastels will be too light for my scheme, and I'm afraid white is a terrible decision with lots of dirt to show.
I guess I'm leaning toward the pastel option but I'm not completely sold. Thoughts?

Amazon - ($29.98, $19.79, $29.98)

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Million And One Updates

Good gravy, guys. Teacher note: Unintended alliteration :) The last few weeks have been a blur! There are so many things to talk about and so many things to post pictures of, but first and foremost...


And obviously I'm not excited at all, clearly not even an ounce of excitement about that.

I guess the easiest way to recap on life is to start at the beginning, a few weeks ago.

I should preface this by saying I absolutely adore my roommates, but on the Sunday of finals week at 1:30am they told me that we were hosting a barbecue at our house. They promised that they'd talked to me about this beforehand (and maybe they did, while I was sleeping or underwater or out of the house...) but I had no idea this was happening. So, at 1:30am, literally less than 48 hours before this barbecue was to happen, we planned a barbecue! It turned out to be a success and a great way to say goodbye to our friends. And eat lots of food.

I spent the last few weeks of college painting my nails a lot. My only non-blogging roommate, Ashley, revealed after a bunch of months living with me that she had this stellar collection of nail polish, and so I borrowed this blue from her. It's super great and I liked it a lot.

My super talented boyfriend took some random last-minute cap and gown photos as we wandered campus a few days before graduation. Yay yay yay!

My last day of student teaching (with kiddos present) was Friday and it was probably the saddest day of the whole year. I was excited to be done, obviously, but they were just so cute!! A few cried, and that wasn't fun, noboy likes to see littles cry :( Buuuut they did get me a super cute gift! Not pictured below is the book of notes they wrote to me about how I helped them grow this year (plant themed stationary because I taught them a plant unit)
I'm not sure how she picked up on it, because clearly I never ever talk about my love for all things pineapple, but my mentor teacher got me this ADORABLE pineapple print box from Joann Fabrics (which I'm obsessed with and will probably use every day for the rest of my life) and a Starbucks pineapple print tumbler. This woman knows me, I swear. So so sad to leave her classroom.

Two of my roommates are moving out this year (one to go to a different city, and one to get married!) and so we have two lovely ladies moving in with us in the fall. One of them is from Hawaii and left these lei for Janell and I for our graduation! Literally so sweet and I was so excited! Also, notice my new pineapple tablecloth... I'm tellin ya guys, it's a sickness.

Whipped up this graduation banner real quick using my school's die cut machine and some random paper and yarn I had lying around. Also, only chose yellow to match that darn tablecloth.

J and I were so ready for grad we put our stuff in the hall the night before. Pumped!

Another shot of all of the pineapple things

GRADUATION MORNING! Please note that throughout the day my hair uncurled itself. Story of my life. But, for these few moments it looked good. Also, the dress I wore for grad was $7 and that's the best purchase of my life so far I tell you!

Janellyyyyy and me! :)

Post-grad! I loved getting leis from my future roommate, mom (who had Ry's roommate's mom bring a lei from Hawaii for me - so sweet!), and a candy Lei from Ry's roommate

After graduation we went back to my house and ate lunch/cake. At about 5pm my family started acting really weird and a bunch of people went outside. I had no idea but they had a limo come to the house, pick us up, drive home to pick up my brother and his best friend (who were unable to come to my graduation because they were graduation speakers elsewhere) and we went to the coast for dinner. So so fun. I loved it, even if I don't like surprises! :)
The coast is one of my favorite places, especially when the weather's nice!

Overall, it's been a wonderful few weeks. I start teaching science for three weeks in 28 days, and get into the classroom for reals in 70 days!