Saturday, May 14, 2016


I'm sorry for the caps, I know that makes it seem like I'm yelling. But maybe I am out of excitement! I got a teaching job for next year! And I'm so unbelievably excited!

Overall, it was a pretty great week! I went home for Mother's Day last weekend and spent some time with my family and then came back Sunday night to lesson plan for the week and prep for an interview I had on Monday.

Monday I went to teach at elementary school and left early for the interview. Siri got me lost, which was super fun and not at all stressful when I had to be there in ten minutes... I thought small town life made me immune to getting lost, it doesn't.

The interview went well and everyone was really nice! I went home that afternoon feeling pretty good about things and an hour later they called me with a job offer for a 1st and 2nd grade classroom. I had the week to think about it and make a decision, which obviously was the simplest and least stressful thing I've ever been asked to do (...not)

Tuesday we went to a concert (yay!) and ate the best pizza ever. I also realized I took zero pictures of the concert, so yay for me...

On Wednesday I asked if I could come observe and they said yes! So I went in and observed the current teacher on Thursday, met more of the staff, talked with the principal, asked a million questions, etc. By the time I left the school I'd accepted.

So, I HAVE A CLASSROOM for next year. Let the countdown to fall begin!!

Also, shoutout to my roommate Janell for always having the. best. gifts. So cute.

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