Friday, May 27, 2016

Five on Fri-Yay!

I've decided to celebrate this five on Fri(yay!) by just rambling about five things that have been on my mind lately, which come to think of it is not much different than the other days of the week when I actually make myself blog, but hey- that's how it goes over here.

1. How in the world is it week nine?!

Like, I swear I just started this Ed program business like ten minutes ago and now it's over. Which is both a blessing and really sad to me. I just had a conversation with my roommate about how the second term of the Ed program is literally the worst term of college ever and the third term is the best of them all. Except for the whole 'having a job but not having a job' thing.

This really old picture of me basically sums up how I'm feeling about life. My hair's a mess, I feel like I'm twelve years old (for the record that's not how old this picture is) but somehow there's still smiles on this face of mine!

2. I really really want a puppy!

Currently I live in a house that doesn't allow pets, but I've seriously been considering asking my landlord if it's okay if I have a dog. I mean, he likes us, but I don't even have time to have a dog. Maybe I can convince my mom to get a dog. She likes dogs.

3. Adulting is really interesting

I've had to make so many decisions lately and it's ridiculous. I definitely realized throughout the last four years that eventually I would have to make lots of big decisions (like a future job...) But actually doing that is a whole different ball game.

I'm happy with the decisions I've made and super excited about getting a classroom and being able to transition this space into the lifestyle/classroom blog that I always imagined it would be. However, it's just really overwhelming right now.

Throwback to my first day of student teaching this year! So young. So so young.

4. God is good, all the time.

I don't even know what to say about this. This term was one of the most emotionally draining ones ever because of the extreme happy times and really stressful decision making times. I definitely feel like I've been so supported by God throughout all of this and I've survived through so many stressful situations throughout also doing this process and I'm just so blessed.

5. Countdowns!

If you've been here for thirty seconds you probably know that I like counting down to exciting things. So here's what I'm counting down to lately

Adulthood (which is my code word for graduation) is in 17 days!
Summer job starts in 47 days!
I start my inservice days for my future classroom in 89 days!

So many happy things! Yay!

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