Monday, May 23, 2016

DIY Teacher Planner

I'm a fan of planners. (Fun fact, when I originally typed that sentence it said plan of fanners... long day I guess) I love looking at them in stores and have spent lots of time in the past finding the perfect planner to keep track of all of my stuff.
Ignore my beautiful sticky note there... but look at the PINEAPPLES!
Lesson planners are a little bit different though. While looking for a planner for the summer and next year I found many that looked beautiful but when I opened them just weren't what I was looking for or found a planner that had all of the things that I wanted but didn't look how I wanted it to (or was out of my budget...)

So, finally I decided to figure out  a way to just make the planner I wanted myself. I found this template on TeachersPayTeachers for $13 and the rest is history. Basically, it gave me a file of billions of beautiful covers, pages to put in, and lesson plan outlines. I especially loved the pages that showed students with alternate schedules or medical needs.

I spent an hour or so (it definitely could've taken less time but I was serious about this business) putting the pages in the order I wanted them and customizing everything and then uploaded it to Office Depot to be printed and bound. All in all I spent $30 on the thing, but compared to the other options I was looking at it serves every purpose I wanted it to for less money.

Also, I could've saved money if I'd printed the pages beforehand and just brought them in to Office Depot, but I don't have a printer at the moment, so, it didn't really make sense.

Overall, the pages are just beautiful and I'm so excited to start teaching this summer so I can write in all of them! It's gonna be great.

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