Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another 'Lately'...

Janell, my roommate who I claim as the sole new blogger I've brought into the world, has been complaining about the lack of blogging I've been doing lately. Which is understandable. Anyway, here's a random assortment of pictures and things I've been up to lately.
I started a plant unit with my littles this week and they are SO excited. We're closely watching our little plants to see if they grow (and explaining why we don't have 5' tall sunflowers on day two... it's cute. 
Ignore my awkward hands, but I finally was brave enough to share my testimony on Tuesday. I've been asked many times, but have never done it. Anyway, I'll probably write about that sometime (like in ten years when I blog regularly again...) But, for now, it was really great and I recommend doing it. Even when you don't wanna. 
Had my second to last teacher meeting EVER. I can't wait to graduate and be done with this business. 
Scored super cute new boots at the boutique in town. And I want to wear them everywhere. 
I made a pie! And it was so flippin good!
And... then I made another one. :)

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