Monday, April 18, 2016

Checking Boxes

Well hi there! I'm not even going to say it this time. We all know how long it's been, blah blah. So here's a quick recap of how life has been for the past few weeks since I've been here.

  • I applied for a job at a school I loved, was offered an interview, and then found out I didn't get hired. I thought I'd be sad, and I was a little, but thank goodness for tons of prayers because I was okay with it all. There's gonna be something better out there, ya know?
  • I'm planning my culminating graduation project with some other girls who I teach with and that's been crazy. Weekly meetings are not enough!
  • I interviewed for an amazing summer job opportunity that would let me work in a teaching environment, develop a science curriculum, AND pay for my entire summer's rent in less than a month. I'm praying super hard about that one.
  • Oh, and I'm teaching 1st and 2nd grade, almost by myself now.
I can't think of much else now, but I promise someday I will. Don't give up on me, loves.

And here's some pictures because I read on Mattie's blog one time that every blog how-to post says you can never post a post (post a post?) without a picture, and every. single. time. that I don't I feel guilty.

A picture of a picture from Hawaiiiiiii

And a picture that generally sums up my life lately (library dates and coffee... oh, and lesson plans. lots and lots of lesson plans)


Happy Monday!

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