Tuesday, April 5, 2016

All at Once

Hi! Remember me? The worst blog updater ever? No? I don't blame ya. Not to keep repeating the same broken record over and over, but I've been so busy! 

Going way back to spring break, Hawaii was great! I took tons of pictures and intended to have several blog posts about all of the things we did... but... Here's my favorites. 

First things first, acai bowls are my favorite food ever. So of course I ate these a lot. They're just not the same at home!
Dole plantation pineapple ice cream is also delicious. 
Shoutout to my nails in this picture. And random man to the right. 
We hiked diamond head as a family, which was awesome because hiking isn't something we usually do. 
Diamond Head again. 
When we had to leave my mom was sure her bag was over the limit by a ton. When we put it on the scale it was EXACTLY 50  pounds. Thank you Jesus! We weren't handing over our macadamia nuts for nothin! 

Terminal shot of the brother bear 
Flying home :(

Since I've been back life just hasn't slowed down! 
I bought my cap and gown for graduation!!! 
I attended two job fairs this week. The first one was smaller and I was able to talk to a few of the districts I'm interested in. One sounds SO great and I'm so excited to see where it leads. I also got an interview with a district I didn't know about and they were super nice but outside of my commute zone. 
The second job fair was much bigger, but still fun! I talked with one district that is on my top choices list and they said they're going to be hiring quickly (yay!) and I followed up with the district I loved. They pulled me to the front of the line to introduce me to other principals and I was able to tell them I applied (double yay!) 
After the job fair and driving home I had an awful headache and I was in a grumpy mood. Ry, the lovely boyfriend that he is, brought me a rose and took me to get coffee, which turned out to be free because they asked what the flower was for and I told them a bad day. 

Overall, life is good. I'm in a 1/2 class now and I love it, I have an interview for a summer science teaching job soon and I'm just really hopeful about the future. 

How are you? 

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