Wednesday, March 2, 2016


White chocolate mocha. That's what's in my cup! Also super excited to say that this drink cost me $2.00 because of a promo I didn't even know was happening. Score. 

How are you!?

I feel like the last two weeks were really stressful for me and that you are a long lost friend I haven't talked to in a while. My teaching assessment is DONE. The next two weeks of real college are going to be a blur and then before I know it I'll be in Hawaii, and then full time student teaching, and then graduated (AHHH!)

This week, like I said, was great. Do you ever have those days where you can totally see God's hand? This week was full of those. 

Yesterday I had a meeting with my supervisor to review how my teaching is going and she basically told me about nearby job openings and told me she'd SET UP AN INTERVIEW FOR ME. 
In fifth grade. 
In a nearby school. 


Anddd, tomorrow I'm being observed by my principal. Eek! Nerves on high, but I'm confident it will go well. I'm also excited to debrief with her afterward and get her advice and stuff. 

Do you have any highs or lows from this week? 

Like I said, looking forward to the weekend, Hawaii, teaching full time, graduating, and getting a teaching job (finally!)

So many good things. Plus coffee. Plus freshly painted nails and a new dress. Life is good, loves. 


  1. Ahhh so so so many good things! Your nails look fab. And I'm so excited for everything coming up for you!!!

  2. that very last sentence is like 100% nailed it.