Sunday, March 13, 2016

That one time I finally got a Kate Spade bag...

IT HAPPENED! Sorry for the caps, I'm not screaming at you... I'm screaming with you... I. got. my. bag.

Backstory. I've been watching this bag in a local boutique for a few weeks. I loved it and it was beautiful and I wanted it, but I couldn't justify buying it right now because... college... and student teaching. Food is usually more important than handbags, ya know? So, I decided that the day I found out I got a teaching job I would buy myself a Kate Spade bag. I was set. I even tweeted about it.

I went on with my life, tried not to think about the bag at the boutique every day, and things were good. But then I was talking to my mom about Kate Spade bags, and this bag in particular came up, and she said "Oh, well I was going to get you one for your graduation present... if that's the one you want, and it's cheaper there than the store, get it now." #thankyoumom

I didn't get a teaching job, but I was getting the bag anyway. Opportunity knocked, folks. So on Friday I walked as fast as my little legs could take me to that boutique and the bag was gone from it's usual spot. So I cried in front of everyone. Full on sobbing tears in the middle of the floor. People stared.

Just kidding, I promise I didn't make a scene, but I was sad. I literally turned around to walk out the door and then I saw it. In the wrong place. But really the right place because it was still in the store and I was buying it. I grabbed it and aimlessly wandered for fifteen seconds to make it look like I was generally interested in things other than this bag and then I bought it.

And now it's mine.

And I love it.

Happy Graduation (in 90 days...) to me :)