Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mentor Teacher & Student Gifts

Well, today's the day. I have to say goodbye to the fifth grade. I'm already really emotional about going in for a few hours to say goodbye to my kiddos and so to distract myself a little bit I decided to come up with some gifts for them, and blog about it of course.

This class has helped me grow in so many ways as a teacher and my mentor teachers are incredible people that I'm really sad to leave. So, I decided to come up with something little to show how much I appreciated them. They're honestly the best.

My mentor teachers are two very different people, obviously, but I wanted to get them similar gifts. My roommate (check out her blog, she's new and lovely) and I were in Target wasting some time before dinner with Ry and a friend and she helped me come up with this idea.

We found these plain wooden block letters for $3.99 or so, and J was like "SAMMY! We could mod podge these and paint them and turn them into beautiful wall dealies and they would love them" That's actually not exactly what she said, but I don't speak craft so I didn't understand where she was going. We took a chance. I realized that the process could result in something awful because I'm the worst at crafting, but it turned out okay! Thanks to J. Seriously, I'd be lost without her. '

The end result was awesome! I love these little letters and I want to make one for myself! I also grabbed a few other things in Target (helloooo chocolate and cute stickies!)

When it came to a bag though, I was at a loss. One of my mentor teachers loves polka dots, so I really wanted to find a cute polka dot bag, but they didn't have one. Just boring plain. So genius J was like "SAMMY! Get a bag and we can make our own polka dots!" Again, this sounded like a disaster to me, but the girl can make anything awesome so she said she'd do that part for me. AND IT LOOKS SO GOOD!

I'm so excited to see their faces tomorrow! And to give the kids these little stars. There are sweet and sour starbursts on the back and a little note for each kiddo.

I'll see you in a few days, once I recover from the tears.

Paper bags - $1.25 - Target
Wooden letters - $3.99 - Target
Sticky notes - $1.00 ea - Target
Chocolate - $2.50 - Target
Starbursts - $3.00 - Target
A super helpful roommate who stays up late with you to craft - Priceless

Total cost: $20-something dollars. I don't do math, folks. :)


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