Friday, March 4, 2016

Five on Friday

To be completely honest, I had intended to go to bed an hour ago but I was talking to my roommate and SHE STARTED A BLOG. That means that we just need to get our last roommate on board and then all four of us will be blogging out here. 

I also looked at how much she's blogged this week and felt guilty. I'm supposed to be the one that's good at this after a whole year. Right? 

So I'm going to recap my week a little. 

I attend a bible study with Ry at the cutest family's house every Thursday night. Since we've been attending I've kinda claimed the job of making dessert. Most recently I made these strawberry shortcake cupcakes. I'll link the recipe later. But they were so good! It's basically a vanilla cupcake with a hollow center that you stick a strawberry in and then cover in cream cheese frosting. Yum. 

The very next morning (last Friday) we drove to the coast to celebrate that I submitted my teaching assessment. The forecast looked awful (because, PNW) but we went anyway and it didn't rain until we left! Success! We had fun and Ry took lots of pictures because that's what he does for fun lately. 

See? He took these pictures over the last few weeks and I especially love the horse ones. I haven't seen the beach pictures yet that he took, but I'm excited to. 

And last, but not least, I spent a lot of time shopping with my momma. 

I've been looking for a grad dress, and I found one! (For $9!) but I also tried on lots of other dresses for spring break. None worked out. I was sad. 

I love spring tops and so I tried on a lot of those too. These were all very cute but very similar so I only kept the light blue one. I was going to keep the navy but it was $50!? I still don't even know why. 

Andddd there is no fifth thing, so instead...

What've you been up to? 


  1. Great

  2. everyone blogs differently, you know?! some people blog ALL THE TIME and it's awful and others are consistently less frequent, but it's better. so it really just depends ;D

    &&&&& i LOOOOVE that light blue top!!! :D

  3. Those pictures are amazing! Ry is really talented. Shopping with your mom is always fun, I love it. That blue top you got is so cute!