Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This Week

This week has really been a straight up blur. I honestly can't believe that one week from now it will be March when February just started. Where is the time going?! Normally, I would be so excited that graduation is nearing and the school year will be over and then I can get a job and all, but... nah.

I spent all last week planning for and then teaching and then filming my self teaching, my unit on poetry! It was so fun and the kids did a great job! But, that means this week is the week that I spend every. waking. moment. writing commentary for this thing.

For an example, I woke up at 9am yesterday and started working on all of my commentary writing. I had work at 4 so I stopped working at 3pm. That's six hours of writing! And I'm not even done! AHH.

But, I do have rough draft answers in place for each one of the 936 sections (kidding, I don't think there's that many, but I'm scared to count) so hopefully I'll be motivated enough to spend the next two days working on them.

Then again, here I am writing this blog post when I'm supposed to be working on commentary...

Oh, p.s. other fun things this week - one of my roommates made a blog! It's cool to now know real-life people who are writing about their lives and hoping someone listens, too.

Happy Tuesday, everybody.
And yes, I realize full well that I put Tuesday, I just feel that it's a symbol of my week...



  1. Ahh good luck on all your work! Time is going by so quickly. I can't believe February is almost over.

  2. Thank you! Good luck with your week, I've been reading about it in bits and pieces but haven't had time to comment! You'll make it! :)