Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Relationship Smash Book

So, funny story. If you read this blog you probably know that I have the teeniest tiniest little blog in the whole world. I post super irregularly and I can count the number of people who regularly come and read my random thoughts and comment on one hand (ok, maybe two on a good day)

I've pretty much accepted the fact that I'm too busy to be super dedicated to blogging and that my blog will never blow up and I'll never be uber famous or anything. I'm okay with that, really.

But, I still check my monthly view counts, because I want to see how I'm doing. For example, this summer I put in quite a bit of work and I was regularly posting things five times a week. As a result of that work (or at least I hope so...) August was a 1200 views month (which is literally nothing compared to most people, but to me it was great.

So now that I'm doing nothing I was super shocked to find out that in January (as in last month when I posted six times. SIX (I counted) I had a 900 view month. Because of this post. So I'm bringing it back. :) Enjoy again!

Begin old post that randomly brings me success, here...

Alright, y'all. (You know things are serious when I throw in a y'all) I'm about to share one of my favorite things in the whole world and probably my best kept secret. My smash book. Literally no one except my parents, brother, and roommate know about it. 

Smash Books are basically scrapbooks for the busy (or uncreative) of which I am both. They're premade with themes that incorporate backgrounds and templates relevant to whatever you're bookin' about. 

I decided to make one for my relationship to cover our first year together and will probably make another one after that. They're so cute and Ry doesn't know it exists yet, which is exciting. So shhh! 

Anyway, here's a mini tour of some of my smashed pages. This was the 'wedding' themed book, but I ripped out some overly weddinged pages or covered the words with pictures. 

The fronts of the books are super cute and heavy duty, they all have a cloth like spine and some design on the front 

This is the first background page in my book, so cute. I knew I wanted this one right when I saw this page. 

Not enough room to write? Attach an envelope! I wrote a little note about why I made the smash book an what it's about in the first few pages.

Pretty self explanatory. I love verses and good quotes, and why not relate them to relationship.

Supposed to be your wedding date, but it's my dating date and a brief story of how Ry asked. 

I've also out all of the cards he's given me for holidays and birthdays in here. I use painters tape so that I can always take them out if I want/need to and they won't damage. 

Movie tickets from movie dates! I primarily use the smash book to document the completion of our adventure list, just about everything has pictures and souvenirs from the day. Again, he doesn't even know! Best part.

Last page in the whole thing is this cute little deal. Love it. 

Basically, if it can be glued down it can be smash booked and I absolutely love that. I usually put things in the pages I plan to have them in and glue it all down when I have time.

If you thought you couldn't scrapbook, you're wrong! You just need this, or something similar. So easy and so worth it! How do you save your memories?


  1. I spy Dutch Bros in one of those pictures! It's funny because I didn't notice it when you posted the first time, but now that I'm living back in Oregon it stood out right away!

  2. Hahaha yessss! The boy knows how to snatch a girlfriend in the PNW ;)

  3. Ahhh! I love it! What a fun way to commemorate your relationship!

  4. I love this! I didn't have a smash book per se, but I did have one similar enough to the purpose like yours for an ex and Kyle. Kyle's was never finished, well because, we got married, haha.

    liz @ j for joiner

  5. I love smash books, seriously think they're the cutest thing! :)