Friday, February 26, 2016

Pinning on a Friday

Basically, this is just a never-ending wish list of things I want to buy but am forcing myself to wait until I have a grown-up salary to buy.

1. Cute swimsuits (because Hawaii...)

I'm going to Hawaii again for Spring Break and I've been thinking a lot about buying a new swimsuit or two for the rotation. This one is super cute, but it's sold out... still, that means I have to keep looking!

2. A Home So I Can Decorate It!

I've seen so many cute houses for sale lately and it's KILLING me. I just really want to buy a tiny cute little house and make it adorable, ya know? I love these big windows and the simple white everywhere. Gorgeous. Yay for windows.

Also a huge fan of those wood beams on that ceiling. I've been really drawn to kitchens lately. I can't wait to have a cozy little kitchen with lots of tea and coffee supplies and mismatched large mugs and yummy dinners. Life goals there, loves.

Two words. That hutch. I might die. It's beautiful and I want it in my life.

3. All The Clothes. 

I want to shop so much lately, which is kinda unlike me. I bought two sweaters from Target yesterday (I'll write about them later if they work out) and I went to my favoriteeee boutique in town yesterday as well. I just want to be a cute teacher!!

4. A Teacher Planner!

I'm in the market for a good teacher planner! I'll probably end up buying the one below, but I like the original layout of the pink one above. So who knows. I have a little while to decide. The Erin Condren planners are expensive, but they're BEAUTIFUL. I intended to just post the sunflower one because that quote is my fave, but then I found two more! So here they all are!

Aren't they so pretty?! I can't even. I need three planners, right? I can justify that somehow...

I'm from the PNW, it's straight up engrained in my brain that I should be sipping out of one of these babies in the woods somewhere, gazing out  window while half-reading that book and listening to lots of rain. It's a given. Let's ignore the fact that these things are hand painted and cost like five million dollars.

On that note, I'll go not buy anything else for the rest of my life.
Have a great weekend, lovelies!

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  1. I WANT THAT SWIMSUIT! So cute. I also love those mugs, and they are so so so PNW!

  2. The swimsuit is so cute! Hang in'll have a cute house to decorate soon enough :) It's a great goal to have!