Thursday, January 14, 2016

Five on Friday! (Yay!)

How was your week?! I can't believe I've been back into this school thing for two weeks already... time flies when you're stressing on the way to your dreams, folks. But still, week two was a solid one.

1. I went to a Christmas tree bonfire. I don't know if those are a thing anywhere else, but here.. we do those. Downfall was that since we live in Oregon, the land of a thousand rainy days, the trees were too wet to light. Even with gas. So we stood around and socialized a lot and then went to play games. Ry is really into taking pictures lately, and I wish I had some of the ones he took from the day. 

2. Games like SuperFight! When I first heard about this, I thought I wouldn't like it... and I didn't... I LOVED it. SuperFight is the simplest game ever. You draw a character and an attribute from the three of each type in your hand (for yourself or another player, depending on how you're playing the round) and try to make them the best (or worst) you can. For example, one time someone made me E.T. with one tiny baby arm.

And then, you use your remaining attribute cards to choose one to either make your character better, so you can win, or another character worse, so they can lose. Example: I gave my tiny baby armed E.T. a lightsaber.

It's great.

3. My brother wasn't home for the holidays (now I have that song stuck in my head...) so he gave me by birthday/Christmas present late. And it was a watch!! I talked a while ago about wanting a watch, and now I have one! And I love it.

4. I studied at Starbucks with Ry and one of my roommates, J, which made me feel very collegiate. I've never studied in a coffee shop in all of my four years of college... hm. And then we went to the dollar store for teacher supplies.

5.Started planning another trip to Hawaii... so we'll see how that goes!

How was your week??

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