Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Where I'm From

Where I'm From - Samantha

I'm from matching Tupperware, car magazines,
anything stamped with 'made in Italy'
and almost never-organized piles of front-door shoes

I'm from apple trees, blackberry bushes,
uncut hay fields as far as you can see,
an old century farm sign,
and a flat spot where the swingset used to be

I'm from a farm-dotted country road,
the church dock on summer days,
an hour's drive to cell phone service,
and Cody's store for things you forgot in town but need on Sundays

I'm from the other Sam,
known as my little brother's older sister,
Mikeal's almost twin-cousin,
and one of the only girls in a sea of boys.

I'm from "it's all about integrity",
"I love you to the moon and back",
Martin Luther King Jr. day cards,
and Aunt D's specials.

I'm from twenty-seven people around a holiday table,
extra garlicy bread, mashed potatoes, pumpkin cheesecakes,
and enough leftovers for everyone to take some home.

I'm from a save box of outgrown clothes
and folders of my favorite homework assignments
I'm from the love of a strong community,
an even stronger family,
and an even stronger God.

Oh hey, you made it! I had to write this little ditty for an Ed class of mine and I liked it so much I decided to share it with you! If you've read this far you're probably super confused by the gibberish you just read so I'll fill you in a bit. This poem was written in sections: things you could find around your childhood home, what you saw outside, how you describe your community, things about your family, common family sayings, holiday traditions, and where you save the things that are important to you. All telling the story of 'where you're from'

Things Around My House: My mom has all-matching Tupperware. It used to be all blue (which is now mine) and now it's all green. Mismatched dishes didn't really happen at my house. My dad also reads tons of car magazines and has always had stacks in his bathroom and magazine holder. Mom also has a thing for anything made in Italy, because she's Italian, so she and my aunt and grandma always hit up stores like TJ Maxx looking for things made in Italy. We also always lined up our shoes right by the front door but they never stayed perfectly lined up. Ever.

What I Saw Outside: I grew up on an old tree farm, so we have apple trees and blackberry bushes that were the best for summer baking. We also have two or three hay fields so you really can't see much but hay during hay season (or breathe if you're allergic to it like lucky me). We also have a century farm, so there's a sign that marks that out and there's a noticeable flat bump in our yard where our swingset was for a while before it rusted and went to the dump.

How I Describe My Community: It's a farm town, everyone who's anyone spends their summer at the church's lake dock because there isn't much else to do. We really do have to drive an hour for a cell phone signal, unless you have Verizon and then you know which specific trees to stand under to get a signal. And Cody is the owner of the only store in the area where you can buy sugar, flour, candy, soda, etc. and not much else.

Things About My Family: My dad's name is Sam, so we kinda have the same name. I'm often referred to as my brother's older sister, instead of the other way around. He's really inspirational and impacts lots of lives, so that's cool :) Also, my cousin looks more like me than anyone else, so we're often asked if we're twins, more so when we were younger than now. I actually have a ton of cousins and most of them are boys, just two girls on mom's side and one girl on the other.  

Common Family Sayings: Mom always says it's all about integrity, whole family (and Ry) say I love you to the moon and back, my grandpa used to send out Martin Luther King Jr Day cards (which nobody in the whole world probably new existed) Anddd my aunt is a great cook and calls everything she makes a 'special'

Holiday Traditions: All twenty-seven people in my mom's family come to our house for holiday dinners and we cram around a huge table. We go all out for food holidays (hello Italians) and have turkey, ham, salads, deviled eggs, regular mashed potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, extra garlicy garlic bread, and tens of millions of desserts at every holiday. Oh! And mom's smoked salmon cheeseball. Also, we always take leftovers home. Always.

Where I Save the Things That Are Important To Me: My mom has saved all of my cutest clothes since babyhood in a Rubbermaid container so I can have them for my kids someday (shoutout to the cow print overalls with matching hat and toy), and all of my homework assignments and birthday cards in another container. I also think I save important things within my community, family, and religious relationship. Memories, ya know?

If you feel the need to do one of these, let me know. I loved it and I would love to read yours!

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