Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Well, this week is already a dandy (it's only Tuesday!!) So, here are two things that happened yesterday. I need some pep talks about both. Well, maybe not the first one. Oh! And I'm linking up with the lovely Stephanie for her Tuesday linkup. It's the cutest, simplest little linkup there is! Promise!

It's officially December, and to celebrate I went to the store and bought lots of random things to gift for Christmas. I covered gifts for my mentor teachers, roommates, and co-workers. It was great! Until I got home and used all of my new goodies to create gift bags and realized I still need to buy for more people (of course) and I'm a poor college student. Soooo, while I'm super pumped about this holiday season (Christmas lights have been up for weeks, oops) being broke when you want to buy gifts for the world is a struggle.

DIY gifts may have to be the deal for the rest of the world. Which is fine. Send your best ideas! So far I'm thinking cookies in a jar and/or homemade fudge.

2. Ugh.
Sunday night's sleep was awful. I couldn't get to bed, and then when my alarms (two, plural) went off in the morning I slept through them. I woke up with weird memories of the strangest dream I've ever had (Ry, my best friend, and I were in a house that was flooding and I was the only one to make it out, until I found my best friend -in toddler form- and didn't know how to feel about that) Anyway, so I was recovering from this weird dream and then I looked at the clock and it was 7:40. 7:40 might be early to some, but 7:40 felt reallyyyy late when I usually leave the house (dressed and not with crazy hair and in pajamas) at 7:30. So I scrambled around and ran out the door and made it to school ten minutes late. Awesome. At least my 'late' is still early. And at least I remembered to dress warm because we started the day with a freezing cold walk around the community. Oh wait, I didn't do that last part. Ugh.

I'm currently typing this early (what? early? who am I?) on Monday afternoon, smack dab in the craziness of this day. Also, I just hung up the phone (why do we even say hung up the phone anymore?) after scheduling my wisdom teeth removal for 6:40am on a FRIDAY. in December. Anybody know anything about wisdom teeth removals? Don't scare me, I'm not ready for that part yet. But if you have pleasant happy stories of easy surgery and/or lovely soft food suggestions, send them my way. I'll love you forever.

How's your week going? Anything crazy happen?

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