Monday, December 28, 2015

& There Goes Another Year...

How was your 2015?! I've been reading 'year in review' posts this morning and they've all got me thinking about how different life was in January of 2015. And, just like everyone you know will tell you (or post on Facebook), I can't wait for 2016 and what the new year will hold. Today I'm linking up with Tumbleweed Contessa for 'What'd You Do This Weekend?' Although, really I guess this is what I did this year... :)

Applied to the Teacher Education program!
Tried my first spinning class (and it was awful, and I will never go back)

Our first Valentines Day! Made a failed hiking attempt (apparently everyone else wanted to go hiking that day too...), spent a lazy day at home, and then went out to dinner
Found out I was accepted to the program! Yay!

Went to Hawaii for Spring Break!
Started this blog too, I think! :)

Ry came to my house for Easter (first family holiday)
Decided on house/roommates for the next school year!

More hiking.
Ryan rode a horse for the first time!
First horse show

Last month as an RA!
Started summer job

Moved into my first house (with roommates!)
Ry's first rodeo
Insane amounts of dental work :(

Best friend's wedding!
Left summer job

Started student teaching!

First 18 hole golf round with Ry & my brother
First Christian group retreat with the college group.

One year with Ry!

Finished first term of student teaching
Wisdom teeth out (boo)

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