Friday, December 18, 2015

Matchy Monday (oops, a little late...)

Hi there! Wisdom teeth surgery went well and now I'm almost out of recovery stage. Three days down, four days until Christmas!

Right after I got out of surgery I did some online Christmas shopping. I bought two sweaters from American Eagle for my mom, forever a sweater lover. 

AEO Joshua Tree Sweater in Summer Burgundy, $17.84 after birthday discount 

AEO Feather Light Waterfall Cardigan in Holiday Heather Brown, $20.37 after birthday discount. 

I alsooooo finally bought those matching pajamas I've been talking about. Ry doesn't know, because his are part of his Christmas present that he gets after he comes back from break.  

I chose not to buy an actual identically matching set, because $40+ no thank you... But I found similar styles at Old Navy and they had a 40% off everything online plus an additional 10% off sale on Friday. 

For Ry:

Old Navy Men's Waffle Knit Tee in Raisin Arizona, $9.00

Old Navy Mens Plaid Flannel PJ Pants in Black and White Plaid, $9.90

For Me:

Old Navy Women's 3/4 Sleeve Linen Blend Boyfriend Tee in Red Wine Vinegar,  $10.80

Old Navy Women's Printed Flannel PJ Bottoms in Black Plaid, $6.30 

I ended up getting two pajamas sets for the price it would've cost me to get just one if I had purchased actual matching sets. I'm pretty excited. Also just realized the prices I listed weren't the final prices I even paid. Total (including shipping) was just $28.60.

Yay Internet. 

I'm going back to rest now, but I wish you luck with your last minute Christmas preparation! 

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