Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Tree Tour

If you're sick of seeing Christmas posts glittering your feed, I'm sorry. This post probably isn't the one for you. Christmas is taken pretty seriously in my neck of the woods. For starters, we have a Christmas tree in most rooms (not real, although that would be the best) and one main tree. All of our trees have themes, which I think is super fun.

My brother's tree is sports themed, my parents tree is simple red and silver, we have a large just lights tree in the middle of our upstairs window, two small accent trees in the dining room, my tree that's western themed in my room (which you'll see today), and our main living room tree. Which is real. And snowman themed. And the best.

I'm planning to show off our mad Christmas decoration skillz (right after I recover from the embarrassment of throwing in that z...) in a few days. Look forward to it. It's worth it.

But for today, here's my little western tree. Enjoy.

Ignore anything lower than branches, folks. :)

Favorite ornament #1... this little guy! :)
Howdy star (also notice that peeking little cowbell...)
Turn your head to the right, because I can't upload photos correctly, and read that all my friends are cowboys. :)
This is probably one of the first ornaments mom and I bought for the tree (and also the biggest...) But hey, if the boot (or the ornament) fits, buy every color.
Hehe. This is just cute.

Do you have a themed tree? I want to see it! Don't have a themed tree? Show me anyway!

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