Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Q&A

Hello! While you're reading this wherever you are in the world, I'm going in for wisdom teeth surgery. Send prayers my way, ladies. I'm a dental wimp. But, prayers will help. Anyway, I saw this Christmas survey for the first time over on Mattie's blog (heard of Mattie? She's great.) And even though she says there are many of these out there this season I haven't seen any! Probably because I've been the most absent blogger in the world these past few months. Oh well. Without further rambling, here's some fun holiday q&a!

What's your go-to outfit in winter?
Well, when I was just a normal college student I'd wear leggings, sweaters, a scarf, and boots pretty much every day. But now that I'm student teaching and can't wear half of those things without being stressed about professionalism I've been wearing black skinny pants, nice boots, and cardigans. It's a good compromise. 

What's winter like in your hometown?

Well, the PNW is usually the same year to year. It starts our rainy and dreary and awful and proceeds that way through at least January and then we'll get random snow storms in February. One year we had a snow storm over spring break. The upper left is weird, I tell ya. Currently it's been rainy, but I heard recently that our rainfall is still less than half of what it usually is for the year. It's been dry, despite all of the rain. You wouldn't know the difference.

Special winter recipes?
 Pumpkin cream cheese rolls, pumpkin cheesecake, apple crisp, fudge, just about anything really. We bake a lotttt.

Winter holiday traditions?
 Oh gosh. Well, we always watch Christmas movies. ALl the time. We DVR them year-round. And we all put up the tree together, and dad gets the thing in the stand and mom cleans up all the needles and then my brother moves it all around the floor and makes sure it's centered on every window. And then my very tall brother strings the lights on the top of the tree and then I finish the lights and decorate with mom while my brother and dad sleep or something. Or watch Christmas movies in the same room.
I also wrap all of our family's presents. Mom puts them in boxes so I don't know what's what and I wrap them all. It's a fun time
Before shot of our tree. 

Favorite winter activities?
Watching Christmas movies, looking at Christmas lights, and giving people gifts!

Winter home decor?
 My school house has lights on the front door, bows on literally everything inside, and this tiny little Christmas tree. My parents' house has stockings and a 'let it snow' banner on their fireplace, bows on all of the front porch posts, Christmas lights outside, the tree of course, and holiday throws on the couches. We also have trees in pretty much every room, Christmas at home is intense. 

Beauty regimen changes for winter?

Favorite holiday song?
 All of them.

Favorite holiday movie?
I'll be Home for Christmas, Elf, The Santa Claus. My loves I tell ya.

 What changes about you in the winter?
 I get paler and I eat a lot. But, I feel like this also occurs year round.

 Gift wrap or gift bags?

Favorite warm drink for winter?
White chocolate mocha with peppermint. I feel like it's my life calling to make sure everyone tastes this amazingness.

What are you excited for this season?
 I just love Christmas and seeing family. Also, just getting back to school and finishing up student teaching and having Ry back again.

Autumn vs. Winter?
 No. I refuse to choose.

Where do you spend Christmas?
 Everyone (on my mom's side of the family) comes to my parents' house for a huge Christmas dinner. So we all do our individual family gifts at our own homes and then we do family gifts and dinner Christmas afternoon. It's always been that way, but my aunt used to host until our family got bigger because of cousins having kids and people getting married, and my parents built a house with a better floorplan to hold that many people.

Do you decorate after or before Thanksgiving?
After, December 8th. My mom refuses to overshadow my birthday.

Peppermint or gingerbread?
 Peppermint. Shouldn't even be a question.

What is one thing you asked for this Christmas?
 Nothing! If I really need something bad enough I buy it right then or ask my parents to help out if it's something big (like if my laptop broke- which thank goodness it hasn't knock on wood) then I would ask my parents and they  like to handle things like that quickly. So, I have no idea what anyone is going to get me, I like it better that way.

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