Monday, December 7, 2015

A College Christmas

Well hey there! Friendly reminder, only 18 days until Christmas!!
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I don't know about you, but Christmas when you don't have money to buy elaborate gifts is a little tough. 

And college Christmas is awkward because you leave a few weeks before the holiday and come back after. Some people don't give gifts. I think it's a necessity. Because Christmas. 

But decorating is awkward too because you aren't reallyyyyy there long to enjoy it. And, when your birthday is in December (like me!) then it feels weird to decorate before your birthday is over, and by then there's only a few days. 

Catch the struggle?

This year, my roommate decorated the inside of our house: lights, ribbons, bows- it's impressive. And I put lights on the door (beat the neighbors to it, go me)

I also got locked out of the house right after this picture, yay for exciting adventures.

This year we don't have a tree, but I found this cute little bugger for $4.00 at Trader Joes (idk if that's just a PNW thing) and I laugh every time because it's smaller than the gift bags. 

But, a cheap happy alternative to not having a tree!! 

How do you decorate for Christmas on a budget? 

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