Monday, December 14, 2015

5 Small Ways to Bless Someone's Day

*insert another 'sorry I haven't been here in ten years' comment here* But seriously, this crazy life. So far this week I've turned 22, bought all of my 'school' Christmas presents, decorated my parent's house, helped my brother pack for Florida to surprise his best friend (shhhh!) and Ry left for home for the holidays (boo :( )

But, with all of this extra free time, I've been able to bless some pretty amazing people! And here are a few ways you can do that too, if you're at a loss like I was.

1. Buy them coffee!
My goal for these two weeks is two buy a few teachers coffee. I've already brought some for my two mentor teachers, and tomorrow I'm planning to bring coffee for a teacher who saw me with coffee and jokingly asked where hers was (it's coming! ;)) and for our PE teacher who is phenomenal and lovely.

2. Tiny Christmas gifts
I'm a firm believer that it's the thought that counts. For my students, mini candy canes. For my mentor teachers, fudge mint cookies from Costco (they're awesome and come in beautiful boxes) and candles. And for my coworkers, flavored cocoa and chocolate.

3. Baked Goods
So far this month I've made fudge for my neighbors, roommates, boyfriend's house, friends, landlord, coworkers, and landlord's family. Sounds like a lot, and it was, but it cost $15 to give all of these people a plate of fudge. Worth it. I also 'made' because it doesn't count as baking, these little reindeer donut deals for the teacher's lounge.

4. A note!
Nothing beats a heartfelt note to show how much you appreciate or admire someone. I love getting and giving notes, and it's my goal to write many many notes for the important people who have helped me through these last few months.

Give your time. Donate yourself. Help out in small ways or in big ways. Whatever you can do, honey!

Have a blessed December, and a happy New Year if I follow this absentee blogger tradition and don't make it back until the New Year... yikes :)

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